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  • I tend to enjoy Starwars mushes for a month or two before my groups/crews get noticed by staff and the fun comes to a screeching halt.

    Current games:
    No current games :*(

    Past games:
    StarWars Generations of Darkenss: Vlasta
    StarWars: Unsung Heroes: Srendi, Shan Soon.
    StarWars: Minos Cluster: Vashtar
    StarWars: KOTOR: Shan-Soon, Azrael
    StarWars AoA: Shia-Sailun
    StarWars Brak Sector: Erazik Boze
    SW Dawn of Defiance: Nhalu
    Battlestar Pacifica: Sprata
    Serenity: Thatcher
    Lost Generation: Thatcher/Famine
    The Other Firefly(Edge of Darkeness?): Bosh
    Rifts: Bailey
    Rifts: The Lost Dominion: Jesse Doom
    Game Of Bones: Cynelaf
    Bump in the Night: Nova
    Shatterzone: Grimsyn Encounter: Kaiuta, Agent Red
    Tenebrae: Igrel
    StarWars Rebirth: Ysille Vale
    BSG:Unification: Salvae gess.
    Shadowrun Denver: Blackheart, Gubbins

  • Shit, Famine! I was Strife and a long list of poor dead bastards, back in the day. I am thrilled to read you are alive.

  • Hey, Strife :) What's shakin?

  • Joined Dawn of Defiance.

    Coronet City College Correspondance alumni raise your hands!

  • Politics

    @SG said in SG's Playlist:

    Joined Dawn of Defiance.

    Hey, Nhalu: I'm Orly.

    As if you couldn't tell from my pic here.

  • Added Jesse Doom on The Lost Dominion. They have a very snazzy website.