Athena's Playlist

  • Well, very much on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy-based games, but sadly lost all my old logs due HD crash):

    Athena @ Star Wars Mush (SW1, still running!)
    Athena @ Star Wars Mush: A New Threat (SW2, Wizard)
    ? @ Star Wars: Minos Cluster
    ? @ Star Wars: Brak Sector
    Athena @ Xena Mush (Goddess)
    Athena @ Strawberry Fields
    Athini @ Serenity
    ? @ Dune Mush
    ? @ Pern Mush
    ? @ Firan Mux
    ? @ Battle Tech

    And many more I can't remember so far.. but if you knew a char called "Athena", there was a high chance it was me.

    WoD themes:
    Larissa @ Haunted Memories (Vienna)
    Janie @ The Reach
    Sandy @ Requiem for Kingsmouth
    and now at Fallcoast.


    Athena :)

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