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    May as well join the party. =)

    The vast majority of my active MU*ing took place between 1996 and 2000. There were so, so many games, but these were the ones I played for longer than a week:

    Space: Above and Beyond MOO
    (Can't recall names) - This was my very first online text game.

    (Can't recall names) - I remember being rather pissed that my 12 year old brother
    became a Veritech pilot, but 21 year old me - born and raised on Robotech - was relegated to a Destroid. lol

    BattleTech 3056
    (Can't recall names) - My first source material obsession. I still have a large collection of technical readouts thanks to 3056. =)

    Shadowrun: Seattle
    (Can't recall names)

    (Can't recall names)

    My primary focus quickly became games centered around the Star Wars theme:

    Star Wars: Minos Cluster
    Nikto: A space reporter. No, really.
    Silvin: Galactic gangster - enforcer for The Company.

    Star Wars: A New Threat (aka SW2)
    Nikto Talos: Rebel Admiral, one-time leader of the pirate "Viceroy's Fleet".
    Khalim: Dark Jedi feature, apprentice to Emperor Palpatine.

    Star Wars: Brak Sector
    Juke Warrens: Drifter and troublemaker.

    Star Wars: Uprising
    Xenon: Head builder & original co-founder, sadly it's a zombie game now.

    (Among many others... I at least tried just about every Star Wars game that was live during the mid-late 90s.)

    Oh, and as I just registered here today (never knew musoapbox existed)... greetings! =)

  • Minos Cluster! THAT'S one of the ones I forgot! Sorry I don't remember anything else except that I was there for a bit, though. And was probably called Lilith.

  • Lilith... hmmm, that actually sounds halfway familiar, though I can't remember exactly how. Funny how the names stick with us after so many years. =)

  • Lilith was a cyborg or something, right?

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