I Will Give You Advice

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    I'm tired and bored, so I'll just chill out here in this thread and give people advice, or answer general questions related to anything.

    I am an expert at life. Proceed.

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    I tried to get this family to pay me to stand outside their window smokin' cigarettes and offering my advice about anything they happened to be doing. How much should I charge for this service?

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    I think @HelloProject is basically our communty's version of Shia LeBeaouf.

  • Hey Siri, can you google that for me?

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    @il-volpe Well see, the problem here is that you have to factor in the cost of cigarettes and transportation (Assuming that you don't live near this family, it's rude to charge neighbors for advice). Depending on the state, I would suggest 5 bucks for the act of giving advice, and another 15 if the advice is actually helpful.

    You shouldn't smoke, it's bad for you. If you vape I would suggest flavorless vaping, as the flavors can often be harmful to your health.

    By the way, I learned from a Truth campaign commercial that hookah is also tobacco, I dodged a bullet there. Though I was in close proximity to a hookah pipe, I'm doing fine now and did not actually touch it.

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    @Coin I used Shia LaBeouf as a PB for years. Though I've retired him because the character was a glorified self-insert from my early years.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Two, according to Star Trek.

    "Fool me once, shame on thee. Fool me twice, shame on me."

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    @calm That depends on the nature of the mistake! If it's a skill-based mistake, then as many times as it takes you to gather the necessary experience before you stop making the mistake.

    If it's a mistake based on non-skill based decisions, such as breaking rules to your benefit, or cheating on someone, then exactly once. After the first time then you're just taking advantage of other people's forgiveness and are a dick.

    It shouldn't take more than once to understand how your actions affect those around you. If you're just going to apologize over and over, then you're not learning anything and it gives the impression of being insincere.

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