Post Previews

  • I'd really love if I could see a bigger preview of a post -- like, if under the submit button's down arrow there were a 'preview' option which would show me what the post would look like as if I'd submitted it. That is to say, full-sized, not half the screen wide and in a short box. It works fine for a post this size, but I just don't feel like I get a good view of anything that needs scrolling.

  • There's a black circle with a white up arrow over the text "Replying to "BLAH"" above the compose window. Clicking that will expand the composition to most of the screen height and should give more of a preview.

  • @Glitch

    Unfortunately, this topic was made after already doing that. ;) I've got it pulled up as far as it goes, but the actual preview box is still only half-wide and only about... what, 300px tall? It doesn't give me the kind of preview that makes me feel comfortable that I've got what I wanted.

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