• Master Thread for the new Mu2 stuff. Arc now finished. MuReq on the github. Made a master readme.


    MuReq - Jobs System made for 2015

    Arc - Store your player stats in the database! This makes many things easier, not the least of which is finding that random player with that one stat you need to get rid of or finding out how many people have strength 3 or how many have Resources above 5 or any other analytical question you could pose. Also, since you use the sql() function to pull data, you can format it however you want. Meaning no more adapting to someone else's code. One coder wants the data formatted as row separator | and field separator ~ while another wants - and #? No problem.

  • I think it's hilarious that you keep talking about "the 21st century" without looking at the foundation of MUSHes which is basically gussied-up '70s technology.

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