New 52 MUX

  • An older game under new management with a bit of a different theme. Using New 52 as a jumping off point and going from there. Uses the Mutants & Masterminds/DC Adventures system.

    New 52 MUX is a game set in the DC Universe that takes the idea of their New 52 reboot and applies it to a game. This essentially makes us a Year 5 game (The Justice League debuted 5 years ago). We cut off canon at just before the various first issues of the New 52 reboot. We are taking the history they've established and going from there. We have also made a few other minor tweaks (no Batman Inc for instance) but our intention is to keep things simple, allowing players to pop onto the game and get into RP with the minimum amount of research.

    Where we go from there is entirely up to the players. Our mantra is "we are inspired by the comics, not limited by them". The New 52 theme gives us a great jumping off point but what happens after that will be in no way hindered by what happened or happens in the comics. We're looking to forge our own legacy and create our own stories. To that end we offer a number of RP options ranging from fully fleshed out "maxi" grids (Metropolis, Gotham, NYC), mini-grids made up of a small handful of rooms (Atlantis, Themyscira), and single room locations that may represent large areas (Oa, various geographical locations on Earth). Our grid will be constantly expanding as we add new locations be they cities, headquarters, or even entire planets.

    We use the DC Adventures RPG by Green Ronin games for our +sheets and offer a streamlined process for FC applications and a robust system for creating original characters. Despite the use of a RPG system we remain a story driven and consent based game. The +sheets are there to give an easy "at a glance" look at a character and what they can do. Our +check system is there for those who want to use it but it is by no means required.

    We have a temporary wiki at Keep in mind that if you do not have a wikidot account you will see ads on the various pages. This is done by wikidot and the staff of New 52 MUX do not make any money off the site or the ads. If you log into a wikidot account (or use an ad blocker) you will not see the ads. We are working on our own mediawiki but that may take some time to get going.

    You can connect to the game at port 2015.

    • Dark Souls (Head Admin New 52 MUX)

  • Due to losing contact with Dark Souls and not knowing how long he had purchased hosting for I have moved this game back over to my server for the time being and taken over running it. It can now be found at...

    Port: 2015

  • I hope he is ok. He played on Brave New World for a bit and had told me about the game. Hope things are going well!

  • Pitcrew

    Is the game going to be active? I've logged on a couple of times and it looks like everyone is just idling.

  • With the transition we have lost some players but if you want RP my suggestion is to make a character and just ask for it. Barb is there almost every day and is ready to RP. Poor Vic has been trying to get some plots started since the game opened. My work schedule has opened up a bit so I should be there on Saturdays, (Some) Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays now. A lot of the people on the game (myself included) do have early/mid Eastern timezone schedules though so that does make it tough at times unfortunately.

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