• Okay. While I like my casual social RP I sometimes keep crazy hours. So, the small game I am on makes for less than BUSY (not interesting). Any suggestions. I have a preference for fantasy and/or a lords and ladies type. I am not hugely into combaty or WoD. I'll, in general, try anything at least once.

  • Pitcrew

    If you're not on GoB, well. It doesn't do badly (as small games go) in terms of having people around at odd hours. But your description of the small game you're on could just as easily match it.

  • It does. I'm not a Game of THrones fan so.. I don't know that I'd enjoy GoB.

  • Have you tried Kushiel's Debut? I haven't played there. In fact, I am kind of looking for somewhere to play. I am a Game of Thrones fan I just don't care for playing in Oldtown. And I can't stand nWoD. nWoD chargen reminds me of filing a tax return.

  • Pitcrew

    Well, it's got a lot of lords and ladies stuff. Fortunately, it's not Blood of Dragons and thus people don't expect you to be an obsessive ASoIaF fan or to know every little thing about the world, which is very detailed but not very far off the 'generic low-fantasy' mark.

    Huh. @BigDaddyAmin, people keep wanting me to add a Dornish setting.

  • @il-volpe

    I'd be down for Dorne...When I was on BoD, I found Dorne to be good, and ideal for small games since there is a smaller family base.

  • Setting is a big thing for me, I guess. I'd play nWoD say if it were...based in Colonial Mexico. Shitburgh, Maine isn't my bag I guess. Guess I am in the mood for exotic.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh, I wouldn't take away Oldtown and move everybody. Doesn't really make a difference, family-size-wise, as the Hightowers likewise a smaller family base. I was considering adding Starfall as a second location, 'cause people seem to very much want that in spite of actually understanding that dividing the player base between two settlements is a Bad Idea (tm), and Starfall is the closest Dornish place, travel-time-wise, if you take a ship.

  • I am honestly in favor of focusing on one family, their retainers, and etc. for small games - almost like a Downton Abbey in Westeros. But I am strange.

  • Pitcrew

    Not at all. As a design for a game that develops coherent story, narrower focus is so very much better. I think GoB (before I took it over, and continuingly) did have some elements of being an answer to other GoT games being draconically narrow in their list of playable concepts, so it's rather wide open.

    Though the practical (rather than "this is just the way we chose to do it") issue I'd see with focus on a single family is how incompatible that can be with player turnover. I see that as a major flaw of GoT as a MUSH setting in general -- bugger playing pre-made roster characters, I think most people want to make an original character. But in spite of the source material's habit of having people die practically at random, characters wandering off the game because of players having other shit to do leaves PC families in weird places. Also that thing where some people really hate it when they just suddenly have a brother who was never mentioned before.