Western Bay Weyr ( 9th Pass AU Semi-Canon Pern!)

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    So while not a MU*, I thought I'd advertise a game I participate in and love very much!


    When the 9th Pass began, Benden Weyr was woefully underprepared; the only remaining Weyr, with a scant few hundred dragons, Benden Weyr was unable to protect the entirety of Pern from Thread. Extensive inbreeding over the Turns had brought new colours to the Weyr: cream, orange, fawn, gray and yellow dragons. But it wasn't enough. Weyrwoman Lessa and gold Ramoth gave their lives to bring the other five Weyrs forward in time.

    But the Oldtimers, as they came to be known, struggled to adapt to the changes in Pern's society. They didn't like the new colours of dragons, nor the recently discovered new wher colours. And they were used to the Holds and Halls giving them everything they needed, but over the Turns the other people of Pern learned to resent Benden Weyr, and by extension, all dragonriders. Some even blamed the riders for the return of Thread.

    The Oldtimer Weyrs decided to take over; F'lar and Mnementh were killed in a duel, and the new Weyrwoman, the rider of Ramoth's only golden daughter, was exiled to the Western Continent, together with every rider that supported her. They were joined by other people who objected to the Oldtimers' rule over Pern, including an expedition of wherhandlers intent on exploring the Western Continent, and a group of dolphins who rejected the Dolphin Contract and refused to help humans when humans haven't been helping them.[/align]

    [b]What we offer:[/b]
    [list][]A newly founded Weyr on the unexplored Western Continent - your characters can explore Western Bay and work out where all the Weyr's facilities will be located.
    ] Mature (18+) community.
    []Many open positions, including leadership positions for blues and greens.
    ]No sexuality or gender based Impressions.
    []All dragon and wher hatchlings designed to fit your character.
    ]LGBTQIA+ friendly.
    []Non-binary, disabled and mentally ill characters welcome and encouraged.
    ]New colours of dragons and whers, many of which can be freely created, and more colours to come in hatchings.
    []And what about those odd looking firelizards spotted on the Western Continent?
    ]Many 'rare' characters and dragonkin limited on a per-player basis, allowing much greater freedom in character creation.
    []Playable dolphins as a distinct faction with their own motivations and desires.
    ]Dragons, whers and dolphins can Impress firelizards too!
    []Many pets available, including tunnelsnakes, sugar gliders and foxes.
    ]Semi-sandbox environment - want to have your character find a firelizard clutch or buy a wher egg? Have at it!
    [*]Random events - the Western Continent is a dangerous place, so who knows what will happen if you leave the safety of your weyr?[/list]

  • Playable dolphins!

    I have no interest in Pern... but that's pretty awesome! Good luck with your game.

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