• Is it just me, or does searching on this forum seem to be supremely difficult? It doesn't seem to care about 'best match' and just matches the first word in the list, whether you use normal enclosed search methods like quotation marks around the term or not. Is this something we could fix/adjust?

  • Pitcrew

    I am mystified by it, as a search for "Game of Thrones", quotes included, gives me a bunch of messages that include the word 'of' but far from all the messages that include the word 'of' while seeming to ignore some of the posts that include the word "thrones." Fortunately, this forum isn't invisible to googlebot, so you can search it that way and have it work.

  • I noticed this too. It makes looking things up rather annoying, especially since the actual results don't always seem to show the part that it thinks was found. Also, it finds search terms within other words (and there doesn't seem to be a clear way to tell it you only want the term you typed, but I could be being obtuse) and the "in topic" thing so far seems to return other topics for me as much as the one I tried to search...

  • Tutorialist

    I long ago gave up on trying to search for things. I now just do my level best to try and remember vaguely where something was.

  • I log everything that passes across my web browser so I can use a text editor and find stuff.

  • @Thenomain Daaaanng. That's commitment.

  • Ah, I'm not alone! I was also confused why searching for an unusual word seems to produce so many spurious matches. For example, searching for "evennia" (completely random example) yields more than 50 matches, but only the first three are matches that actually contains the word - the rest ... I have no idea why they are relevant. I can only conclude it's because they contain "ev" or "eve" in some of their words. Which is not really all that useful when searching. Google search with a site: marker seems to be more reliable.

  • Yeah, the search sucks. Hardcore sucks. Google search with site really is the only way to get decent results, though it has fewer recent results.

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