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  • Hey folks!

    Just wanted to put up a quick thing about Keep Austin Wyrd/TexMUX. It's still alive! There's currently new Headstaff, as RL seems to have caught up with Chromeo, but FoxStevenson seems pretty darn gung ho about getting things going again =)

    Everything game-wise is the same as it was - no change in rules or setting, or big plot things or anything, with the change-over. I believe it's intended to give the game back to original HS if RL slows down enough for them to do so.

    It's a Changeling and Second Sight game, and the wiki can be found here:

    It seems like these days, most people who are around can be around weekday evenings, but I for one would love to see some more folks checking out the game! Definitely one of the easier and most handy CG's I've been through, and the code and such is pretty awesome, from the standpoint of someone who does not understand that kind of magic.

    Come check it out!

  • Pitcrew

    Baring some situations I was having with the confirmation email, I thought I'd put my two cents in here as the current HeadStaffer for KAW. Pretty much everything stated in the last thread about us is still true, as well as what thebird posted at my request. We're small, but still alive and very much wanting to move forward. The potential for large meta plots, staff events, and even spheres added via future "expansions" (so to speak) to the game world are all on the table. If you have any questions, just ask, and we look forward to seeing you.


  • Pitcrew

    One other note, we are planning on moving to 2.0 across the board, but it's going to take some time and might require a full code re-write. -FS

  • Pitcrew

    Keep Austin Wyrd has shut down. -FS

  • Well, that was abandoned quickly.

  • Pitcrew

    @WTFE said:

    Well, that was abandoned quickly.

    It was around for a while. I think they were revamping. Interest must have died.

  • Yeah, but it moved from "we're alive and wanting to move forward" to "shut down" in about a month.

  • Pitcrew

    @WTFE said:

    Yeah, but it moved from "we're alive and wanting to move forward" to "shut down" in about a month.

    Yeah. It's sad, considering they might have been a really good place for a 2e Changeling-centric MU. Plus, we all know how I'm a fan of more games.

  • It's very sad indeed. RL seems to have eaten most everyone involved, as one of the major issues.

  • Pitcrew

    I would have loved to keep the doors open and continue. I really wanted this to succeed, but player log in's dropped to pretty much 1-2 people a week. So, I made the call. Was my first time running a game and I'm sure I made mistakes, but I really wanted this to be a great place for people to play. Oh well.

  • Pitcrew

    I remember looking at the wiki looks like it has decent set up and policies. I ended up not playing there because when I looked at the PCs it didn't appear like my character idea would fit in very well, he was a criminal type and there was either one or none others on the wiki with that mentioned.
    Still it is never good to see a game go, my condolences to those involved.

  • @FoxStevenson
    Hey, you got your project done and open. Projects fail and open all the time. Take the good things you learned, jettison the things that didn't work, and keep at it. It's how you become a good MUSH administrator

  • Seconding @Bobotron. Do it because you enjoy it, and when you feel the stress then it's okay to back off.

  • Beauty of MU*s is that you can save what you built and maybe reuse it down the line, if you ever get the urge to try again. Doesn't sound like too many bridges were burned, which ain't bad for a game.

  • It was a good game. I enjoyed my time on it. I dropped only because RfK was a very time-consuming game.

  • Pitcrew

    As a note, So there is full disclosure,

    I took this game over for a friend, and I wanted to do the best I could to help keep it alive. However, I failed, that friend and the players. I did what I thought needed doing, hiring on new staffers, pushing rp and stories, getting in new coders and it just wasn't going to work. I pushed back switching to 2.0 and changing things, and who knows what the nail was, but running a game is an interesting and stressful experience and I've learned a lot from it.

  • Pitcrew

    @FoxStevenson Single sphere Changeling seems to be a real struggle of a game to keep up and running. The only one I've seen that lasted any appreciable amount of time was the first iteration of Darkwater, so don't feel badly. I was enjoying it, although I had to disappear for RL stuff, and then just couldn't get back into the swing of things. I think it's doubly hard to take over something for a friend - MU*s really seem to need to be a project of passion, because they're pretty thankless otherwise.

    But it was a great setting, and a fun game, while it lasted.

  • @FoxStevenson
    You gave it a good run, and that's what matters. It's hard to take up a game from other people, particularly if you end up needing to do adjustments. The learning experience is very important, and you'll get there.

    As an aside, if you ever want to bounce single-sphere ideas off of someone, let me know. I love Changeling the Lost quite a bit, and I can at least put the constantly-running WoD part of my brain to extra use beyond the code for my own game.

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