The Eternal Crusade

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    The Eternal Crusade is a low fantasy roleplaying world, whose focus is political intrigue and late medieval era warfare. The Civilised West, which is how the game world is known, is bordered by the Ergonian mountain range in the east, the ocean in the west, the Great Salt River to the south and the tribal lands of the north.

    Contained within the area are two kingdoms - Aequor in the north, inspired mostly by France and Italy and Galenthia in the south, a mix of medieval England, Scotland, Germany and Spain in the coastal areas. The city state of Four Corners, a vast, merchant controlled polity on the ocean's coast dominates trade and swears allegiance only to coin, while the Church controlled State of Rikton concerns itself with the spiritual welfare of the West. Meanwhile, the mysterious Principality of Kentaire keeps a tight reign on all entry and exit but does a brisk trade in a new technology - firearms. On the peripheries we've got Viking inspired raiders on the island of White Hall, a Persian state across the Great Salt River, the Partharian Empire and the remnants of a once great, all dominating Vir Sidus Empire on the other side of the eastern mountains, inspired by an alternative, reformed Roman rump state.

    The game itself offers a variety of roles to play. From the combat orientated knight who rides out to fight for their liege lord, kingdom, or the Church of the One Faith to the noble trying to rise the political ladder through intrigue, backstabbing or guile. From the shadows, the everpresent Syndicate controls the Civilised West's black market and less savoury elements, exerting a wide reach over many. More or less anything you can think of is possible to play, with the focus generally being on the affairs of Galenthia, Aequor and Four Corners.

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  • I'll be looking to try it out atleast, will be making a Templar going by Roland, if all things go acording to plan.

  • This post is deleted!

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