Fallout to WoD Conversion

  • Pitcrew

    Because I am not currently running a MU, and I am considering a future project, I was curious it anyone was interested in doing some ground work with me to convert the setting and flavor of the Fallout Games to World of Darkness 2nd Edition mechanics?

    Basic Presumptions:

    • Mortals are the baseline
    • Nothing Supernatural
    • Perks to be merits?
    • Flat minor-template style adjustments for Supermutants/Ghouls?

  • Pitcrew

    I'm actually working on something like this currently (Ground Zero, there's a thread for it here - http://musoapbox.net/topic/302/ground-zero-help-needed). Or I was. I stalled a bit with RL and then running into some coding roadblocks. I just switched to a new host and am in the process of re-vamping a few things. @thebird and I have been working on this off and on, but it's very much along the same lines. @thebird put up a new advertisement, I believe, with and updated intro, but I can't find it at the moment.

    Anyway, it's basically the same thing. Fallout-esque, mortals only, have been debating between mortal nWoD or a system called Exodus (which was pretty much based on Fallout and can be found http://www.loki.us.com/images/Exodus_Survivor_s_Guide_v1.5.pdf).

    So if you'd like to hop in, or work together somehow, or whatever, then hit me up. We can at least brainstorm and compare ideas and perhaps help each other out. :)

  • http://musoapbox.net/topic/428/ground-zero-code-help-things-and-stuff <-- Was the new one. I'm so eloquent with titles, guys =| (and rockin' the sarcasm 24/7).

  • I don't feel like Fallout would be terribly fun with WoD mechanics.

    Mortal WoD is pretty bland and boring, mechanically. Even with merits. Just because there's /only so many of them/. Especially if you're talking a setting like Fallout where everybody is largely going to have the exact same skills.

    ETA : Fallout feels way too equipment/object-reliant for WoD's shitty EQ system, too.

  • Yeah, I guess I'm just not seeing the appeal either aside from "basic familiarity." I feel like I've already flogged this dead horse but there are other systems that match the simplicity of WoD and are a better fit for the kinds of things you actually do on the game.

  • Fallout is a nice setting, I think you could do it with WoD 2.0 as a baseline, you could have mutations be power lines (With both positive and negatives) and perks do sound like merits, so you could convert some of them into merits. As for the equipment thing, Equipment bonuses are still awesome even in WoD. You /might/ be better off using a different system though, like Savage Worlds or even the Hero System (I know the Hero System is a mathematical mess if you are new to the system, but if you define it and don't leave it open, it can do anything pretty damned well with only minor modifications, like removing Speed and the phase/segment combat system if you want things more balanced).

  • Pitcrew

    It would be ridiculously easy to make a Merit-based Equipment System for WoD wherein different ratings on different types of Equipment thus expanding the amount of things you can spend XP on (and diversifying). It would also make having a really good weapon something you invested in.

  • Maybe I'm just a monster... but I like the D&D based ruleset from that Exodus link Lithium tossed up earlier. Also, I like having equipment cost IC money rather than experience, with the ebb and flow of said money dependent on the Overseer's generosity and your own Profession's rolls. Want to make money? Roll dem dice and lets see how you do this week!

  • I really liked the Exodus book when I looked at it back when they made the advertising post.

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  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, WoD is done to death, but:

    The code already exists in multiple forms, and I do what I know.

  • Fallout should be run using the Living Steel variant of the Phoenix Command game system. It's all about having the right parts, the right skills, and making civic improvements. Via powered armor.

  • Pitcrew

    Did anyone mention using the Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying system yet? It's free, and can be coupled with Irradiated Freaks (also free)

    Here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/70124/Atomic-Highway--Post-Apocalyptic-Roleplaying?manufacturers_id=3009

    Didn't look that difficult. If I recall had rules for scavenging, crafting etc.

  • It's Fuzion which often hurts my feelings though Atomic was, if I recall, a very good creator for Fuzion.

    In case you wonder, Fuzion is a mix of Cyberpunk/Mekton and Hero System.

  • Pitcrew

    @Misadventure said:

    It's Fuzion which often hurts my feelings though Atomic was, if I recall, a very good creator for Fuzion.

    In case you wonder, Fuzion is a mix of Cyberpunk/Mekton and Hero System.

    IIRC, Fuzion was also used for the DBZ RPG.

  • @tragedyjones,

    Also, D&D 3e.

  • Pitcrew

    I always liked Fuzion as a system, added some extra depth to the Cyberpunk Mekton system but not going full on into hero system, which I like btu could be a grind especialyl if ou did anything close ot a large combat.
    Bubblegum Crisis used it as well.

  • I always liked Mekton, it's just fun. Doesn't really translate well to a mush though, unless you remove the ability for everyone to have a custom mek.

    Fuzion is solid too, but I always hated how dex, cool, and int were the win stats and nothing else really mattered yet they cost the same.

  • Pitcrew

    I feel compelled to link to: http://savagefallout.blogspot.co.uk/

    Fallout using Savage Worlds. It is what I'm playing in my IRL tabletop group right now and it works really well. Also free!