A Game For Good Christians card game

  • A fellow colleague and graduate of my theological school told me to take a look at these cards. He also is a gamer, like myself (he taught me about World of Darkness in between Hebrew classes).

    Aside from being a Biblical scholar, I like card games - poker, Cards Against Humanity, hell I even play Klondike Solitaire with tarot cards. Meet 'A Game For Good Christians.' No it isn't a game Ned Flanders would play. He would probably put on sack cloth and ashes to atone for even touching them. Besides, Ned would probably blush if he could read Song of Solomon (not the Kate Bush song) in the Septuagint Greek, where the phallic and vaginal references are most enlightening!

    It is sort of a mixture between Bible trivia and Cards Against Humanity. Results can be hilarious, sacreligious, and fun.

    Great fun for believers and unbelievers alike.


  • Tutorialist


    Wasn't SoS aramaic, though? (I mean, sure, Greek is good when you want dirty, but I tend to not rely on it too much when translated to english. Greek had plenty of words for homosexual that Paul, a prolific writer and educated judge, didn't use, but damn did he love making up some words that all get translated as 'effeminate' in english.)

    Still, this game looks like something I would play... >:)

  • I couldn't possibly afford this myself, but I've spread it around in my circle of sarcastic-with-too-much-money friends. Your friend will probably make a handful of sales of this by the end of the week from that channel.

  • @Derp

    SoS was written in Aramaic, originally, but the bulk of Hebrew scriptures were translated into Greek around the 3rd century B.C with the advent of the LXX. So much was the prevalence of Greek that Hebrew became a liturgical language used in the Temple, and Greek and Aramaic became predominant for business and everyday life (when Jesus is handed the Isaiah scroll in the synagogue in Luke 4:17, he probably is reading from a Greek or Aramaic copy). I am more familiar with Greek. My Hebrew and Aramaic needs work.

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