• What is everyone's experience in the MOBA space? I used to play when DOTA was still hosted by Warcraft 3 but stopped because of things like law school and other newer games. I've recently been dragged into DOTA 2 after a brief foray into Heroes of Newerth and DOTA 2 ain't bad, if mildly repetitive.

    I'm curious as to whether or not some other poor soul is trapped playing endless DOTA game after DOTA game.

  • Pitcrew

    I have 2000+ hours logged on DOTA2.

    I have played way to fucking much DOTA2.

  • I have close to 2.8K hours of Crusader Kings 2. Dota2 only has about 50 hours so far.

    The person who wanted me to play has incidentally stopped playing for the most part. :|

  • DOTA2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm. LoL is your biggest, and they have implemented some stuff to reduce the nastiness of some of the community. BTW that community is MOBA players/video game players, nothing particular to LoL.

  • I have about 2800 hours of dota 2 on my accounts and have spent a huge amount of money on stupid, pointless cosmetic items.

    And since I play mostly in the morning hours I wind up queued with four-stacks of Peruvians which pretty much ruins the fun of the game.

    Why can't they play on the South America server? Why? It's right there! So close to them!

  • US servers are better. Even long distance.

  • I hate it when someone has their mic on and it picks up ambient noise... or they're actively having a wild party and clearly speaking non-English with spicy salsa music.

    My biggest concern as a player is being a perpetually mediocre carry. I feel like I'm building things wrong or just not having the right builds fast enough and getting eclipsed rapidly in the game to being useless. I often find myself lending a decisive hand to what would otherwise be a close game with a good team or floundering completely with a mediocre to bad team. My current primary char has been Wraith Lord for the past 10 or so games, with a roughly 2:1 win/loss ratio at Level 4-6.

  • Pitcrew

    I tried DOTA2.

    I stick to original DOTA Allstars


    -It's harder to distinguish the heros at a glance
    -the terrain is confusing and too zoomed-in compared to DOTA Allstars.
    -the graphics give me a headache
    -the hotkey placements are standard (unlike DOTA Allstars where the hotkeys mostly correspond to a letter in the spell name, which can make for some very uncomfortable hand positions for hotkeys on some heros) but I find Q too hard to reach.
    -I'm not used to the item system yet - it's not exactly like DOTA Allstars.

  • Pitcrew


    Hue hue hue. Wait sorry wrong South American country...

    Yea Peruvians are the worse. I'm in the tier of MMR where its impossible to dig out because of morons. 3.7k MMR will be my eternal hell.

    Its awful. Dota2 has made me pretty racist. Though from what I understand when it comes to Peru the vast majority of players are children at internet café and the mentality they have approaching the game is far different. Depending on the time of day you can find good Peruvian players.

  • Negative. The good Peruvian players play on the South America server. I've tested it.

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