• Edit 5/27/20: I now have enough PCs to separate by Active and Gone. Probably have an addiction. Maybe.
    I guess this is a thing then.

    Active PCs:
    Ayame - City of Hope - I can still log into her?
    Gizmo - M * U * S * H
    Oili, Ornella - Arx
    ccubed - Legends of the Jedi Account (Yes, a MuD!)
    Lumiya - Clone Wars SWD20

    Inactive, Dead, Gone PCs:
    Alzarath, Takeshi - Serenity Mush - Dead Game
    Akane, Yoshiko, Tanja - Requiem for Kingsmouth - Alas, We knew her well
    Takeshi, Jinnie, Kaoru, Monk, Chi, Maximillian, Adelaida, Carmine, Momoko, Aeric, Some Geist - Reach - Dead Game
    Aeric - Metro - Dead Game
    Aeric, Momoko, Akari, Byron, Hifumi, Hwan-Iseul, Lieselotte, Yuzuki - City of Hope - Ayame isn't marked inactive yet?
    Masayoshi, Boris - Gundam Mush - Crazy Dead Game
    Takeshi - Naruto Mush Rivalry - Dead Game
    Akane - Fallen World - Dead Game?
    Akane - Descent Mux - Dead Game?
    Cyril - Fate's Harvest - It was fun and then the fun train rolled out
    Lieselotte - Fallcoast - Dead Game
    Lieselotte - Fear & Loathing - Dead Game?
    Teutonic, CandyMan - Shadowrun Denver - Currently Inactive
    Elstrin Naevon, Faylen Nerea - Ithir Mush - SadFace

    Oureadalf - Reach - No Longer
    Gizmo - Avatar Mush - No Longer
    Oukranos - RFK/ Head Coder - Alas, No Longer
    Teuton - Fallcoast - Alas, No Longer
    Udon - Miami

  • Pitcrew


    I remember Jinnie for a hot minute. I wondered why you left and stuff. Now I know where you are. Huh. That came off more stalkery than I intended.

  • @Catsmeow Mostly, I stopped playing Jinnie because I became staff. I have a specific staff philosophy that includes pretty much sequestering oneself from the sphere. Once I moved out of were, I tried to RP but I found that I couldn't just ignore Petra, so I idled out. I do miss my clan mates though and Jinnie was a fun character to play. But it's good to see you again, whoever you are!

  • You know, Momoko wasn't so bad. We got along, I didn't want to stab you in the eye. I'll gladly take the married in Asian in the uber Irish family any day over the stupid 'white girl belly dancer with the exotic name' any day.

    Oh, the good old days.

  • Nice to see someone that tried out the Avatar and Naruto MUSHes. I always wanted to try them, but could never get around to finishing CG.

  • Pitcrew

    Why would you want to ignore Petra? Or should I not ask?

  • Tutorialist

    Petra appears to have issues with other females. Or other female characters. It seem hit or miss, though. She never had any issue when my wolfblood (female) was in the same pack as her werewolf. But later as Petra she made it really, really hard for me to app in as a 50xp plain wolfblood.

  • @Huzuruth Naruto is a fun game. It's a little idly right now.

    @Catsmeow We disagreed on things as staff. This wasn't allowed in her world. So while I was in her sphere she was paranoid about what I was doing. So along with what Cobalt said, She would constantly be on top of anything I did with other people thinking I was attempting to start an anti-petra faction. I wasn't. I didn't need to exert any effort to do that, she was alienating plenty of people without me making any effort to do it for her.

  • Pitcrew

    Why does it seem that female staffers have it out for female players/characters? They missed the GIRL POWER and all that? Besides I'm not trying to RL start anything with anyone. Hell, I feel bad for the one time I stole someone IC because I didn't know OOC. Ah well. Okay. I find some days she's great and others she's less than great, but good to know it's not just me.