FOMO and MUSHing

  • Anyone else get this? The desire to log on just so you don't miss out? It's like on FB when you see your friends posting pictures of all the great stuff they did that you couldn't go to, only on the MU it's logging on to find out you missed out on this amazing scene that all your friends are talking about. So you log on more and more often because you don't want to miss out on the next one. Even though you really should be doing X, Y, and Z RL stuff. I feel like there should be a 12 step program for this.

  • Oh, lord yes. Really been trying to work on it, though. It's a pretty strong feeling when you go from being around and RP-able for 12-16+ hours every day of the week, to having shit to do and a job where you're not on a computer.

    The worst feeling is when you do log on, instead of doing something you should be doing, and then basically loiter for half the day while nothing happens in game, at all. And then realize 'wow, that was a waste, I hate myself'.

  • What is FOMO?

    Also, not being involved in amazing things does not bother me. the only time it bothers me is if they start it at a different time than was listed.

  • Google tells me it's "Fear of Missing Out," a term I'd also never heard.

    For me this boils down to more simply: activity begets activity. Ideally, this is the kind of MUSH environment you want. When you're fairly sure nothing exciting is going on and you can stop bothering, that's when things stagnate.

    I guess I've never felt like this is a negative compulsion for me, though.

    I'm also fairly good at just popping in, checking boards, and popping out again if I can't RP or there's nothing going on I want to be involved in. If I'm fucking around on a MUSH when I should be doing other stuff, I'm generally avoiding the Other Stuff and the MUSH is just one procrastination avenue (I have so, so many when I really don't want to do something).

  • Maybe it doesn't bother me because I have little to no attachment to my characters. If I want to be in plot I'll generally make my own. I'm also very much a social mu*er. So, not going on 'big adventures' does not bother me. I am entirely okay with my char once in a while getting a moment to shine but otherwise I'm chilled about everything.

  • Yes.
    I also agree about a twelve step program, haha. I am usually logged on for long periods of time while at work when I can't rp, just to chat, though, since I can't just text someone (or whatever) all day long.
    But I totally loathe those days where nothing goes on, and you've inadvertently used the MU* to procrastinate, and then you hate yourself for doing nothing and starting nothing on the MU* and also for not getting rl things done. Cue massive amounts of self-induced stress.

  • @VulgarKitten Yup. And all of these posts, like @Tempest's. Then I hate myself for not doing things but then I am grumpy if I actually miss something in game.

    Especially if it was interesting.

    I may start designating one day of the week 'no MU*' day.

  • Pretty much all of this. I used to do things all the time. I recall this! Then shit got stupid busy, I couldn't do things because other things needed to be done, and... well, enough other stupid things happened that made the idea of trying again less than pleasant, even if the opportunities were there. Which they're not, in large part due to Stupid Shit Goes Down, round two.

    I more or less just do +jobs now and then go off to develop weird crap on a sandbox project that's unlikely to ever see the light of day. I console myself with the knowledge that without anybody to argue about things I want to try to see if they'll work, there's some cool stuff that developed there I'm going to be sneaking over to other upcoming games since folks thought they might be useful bits and pieces. (Pardon me while I leap wildly to grasp for that silver lining there, ignore the flailing.)

  • Pitcrew

    FOMO happens with a game in general and with playgroups or factions on a game.

    I experience it sometimes, as well. I'm completely burnt out on WoD-theme games. I recognize this cycle in me. I like it, it gets to be a little too much not fun, and I just sorta go do something else for a while. Sometimes this while is a couple months and sometimes it's a couple years. I'm currently in a disinterested phase and I'm largely just playing Steam games and going outside like my mom used to order me to when I was 10.

    But even then, when I hear or read about how awesome a game is, I too get wistful and wonder if I'm making the right decision by spending my time elsewhere. The potential of something is entirely romantic and exciting. We're wired to want a little more cake.

  • Pitcrew

    I used to feel like I was really missing out on things. Then I was unemployed for a while and had time to Mu again. Well then I realized I wasn't really missing out on anything at all and I was just sitting at my PC hoping. Eventually I found another job and realized a few hours was really all I could stand anyway.

  • The less time you spend on MU*s the more you enjoy the time you spend on them.

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