Mobile apps for the Soapbox?

  • I'm on iOS 8 and neither Safari nor Chrome seem to be working out for me, for various reasons of either the submit code not firing or something's the edit window being too small to see. So list here what works and what mobile platform. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    Chrome works for me fine on MSB but I'm using an ancient Galaxy (like - the first version ancient).

  • Creator

    According to the NodeBB forums, Pushbullet would be the best choice, though it needs to be added as a plugin for the forum in MuSoapBox's configuration settings to allow notifications from it. It'll show upvotes, replies, and new responses on boards you're watching/speaking on. I'm testing it right now, but I'll report back regarding its functionality.

  • Tutorialist

    Unfortunately for you @Thenomain chrome works just fine -- except the chat function, the keyboard covers the message window so I can't see what I'm typing -- on my samsung galaxy MEGA (<3)~

  • What device are you on? Works perfectly for me across ever iCrap thing I have, and I have a lot. I'm such a basic bitch. :|

  • Creator

    Unfortunately, Pushbutton doesn't seem to work properly on my phone. I did Pushbutton updates for the main NodeBB site, set a few high traffic forums as watched (as per the app's specifications), and all I get are a shitload of updates through my email. According to the NodeBB co-founder:

    @julian said:

    @kud In short, we build NodeBB with mobile devices in mind -- nobody should have to use an app just to browse a forum.

    I don't want to say anything inflammatory, so I mean this in the best way possible: NodeBB is designed to make Tapatalk (and other apps like it) obsolete.

    It does work for me on Chrome; my OS is Jellybean (specifically 4.1.2) on a Nexus. I'm not sure what device you're using but you might try backing up your files and contacts and doing a reset, then make sure to do all updates. There could be a configuration setting that's causing issues.

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