Tiffany's Amber: AmberMUSH comedy series from way back?

  • I never met the woman, but I've long loved the Tiffany's Amber comedy series:

    It was just about goofy things in the Zelaznyverse or AmberMUSH culture in particular. I just this moment got to wondering if she's still around in the MUSHosphere. And if she's not, if anyone knows her and thinks she'd like hearing it, let her know at least one random stranger thinks what she did was timeless and goes back to it now and then for a laugh!

  • Pitcrew

    To the best of my knowledge she is no longer active in the hobby and has not been for many years (at least since ... around the turn of the century?). She is still working in the pen and paper games industry and writing fiction, however!

    I'm sure she would be pleased to hear that her older work is still entertaining people; she's a lovely person. In the event that I run into her in the near- to mid-term future I'll be sure to pass your message along.

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