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    Just what the title says. Looking for info on whether or not it's worth the making of a new character. I <3 Sailor Moon.

  • I have always wanted to make a Sailor Moon mu*. I <3 Sailor Moon too. My only problem with playing on mu*s based on Sailor Moon is that I am not fond fo feature characters from the show/manga/etc. It alwaysw feels like anything original can not reach their heights due to canon stuff.

    This is my issues with any game based after a book/series/whatever.

  • @icanbeyourmuse
    There used to be an 'after the Shadow Galactica War' MUSH that was 'all the Sailor Crystals find new hosts on Earth'. It was terrible.

    The problem with doing a Sailormoon MU* and not allowing the FCs is... you end up diverting some of your core audience, and the push behind Sailormoon is often a love of those characters and a desire to RP as them or with them. And that will cause the core group who might be interested in the game to turn away (it's the same thing that happens with Star Wars and Jedi bans, or Transformers without <X> character setup, or any genre-based game where the features are what makes a lot of the desire for people to come).

    Now, you could go the route of the Shadow Galactica arc and use the manga-stylings. Have Earth be the final battleground for all Soldiers in the galaxy (prior to going to the Galaxy Cauldron, anyway), both those Galaxia hasn't stolen the Sailor Crystal from (thus having powerful soldiers ala the manga, where everyone is powerful and can blow people up) and those that Galaxia has (and thus giving the capability for Animamates, and the potential healing of those Animamates into their normal forms, like Aluminum Seiren into Mermaid, for example). Gives you room to work, even with the FCs.

    If you're dead set on not having FCs, have it be done in the Sailor V-style, where it's the same world and it references (like Sailormoon references Codename: Sailor V), but in another city where agents of Galaxia are set up and hunting Sailor Crystals (or go the manga route and do Star Seeds, which means random dudes can get attacked, due to that weirdness.)

    (Yes, I am a Sailor nerd. Don't judge me!)

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  • @Bobotron Yeah. That is part of why I have not put an over effort into a Sailor Moon mu* Audience is very limited in general AND people want the FCs. If I did a Sailor Moon mu* I might go to just after they all defeat Beryl and not have them lose their memories and bring in the stealing of Star Seeds sooner. Or go back to the Silver Millennium and have the moon princess wake as Sailor Moon FAR sooner. Or take place during Crystal Tokyo and have a new threat with the canon chars protecting the Crystal Palace in the background while 'new' Sailor Senshi take the spot light and they report to the various original Senshi.

    (I am also a Sailor Moon nerd. We can be BFFs)

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  • @icanbeyourmuse
    The concept of a Crystal Tokyo-era setup, post Black Moon Revolt, is really viable, particularly since you have the capability to have the Inners and Outers interact with the newbies as staff-controlled stuff for plots and things.

    I have the Guardians of Order Sailormoon TTRPG around here somewhere, and one of the scenarios in the book is just that: a new order of Sailor Soldiers getting granted powers from planets in a new sector of the galaxy, and dealing with Jadeite's awakening after Beryl's sealing of him per S1 of the original anime.


  • @Bobotron Yes. That is along what I was thinking for the Crystal Tokyo era. IT might even work post Galexia too but it might be more interesting post Black Moon because the threat of Galexia is still out there. I'm a bit partial to post Galexia because I rather like the Starlights and want to include them some how. Plus could take a bit of the angle of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have '[new Senshi' drawn to Earth because of Sailormoon (rather than the Hellmouth like Buffy). I would also create a new array of villains over using what has been done. A slight problem with a Sailor Moon setting is people will expect the Magical Girls (and the Magical Boys since Sailor Moon DOES have Magical Boys) to always win. I am not certain to how viable that would be in a mu* setting. Though on the smaller player base Sailormoon would have it might work. After all the big bosses of each season kept coming back. Even in the Mangas. And if we keep it with a lot of the 'drones' and the likes it leave plenty of time for staff to figure out the next crop of villains.

    OMG.. @Bobotron is tempting my Sailor Moon fanatic side. I want to make an SM mu* now.

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    There are a few 'Magical Girl' games, being MahouMUSH and BattleFantasia, but yeah a lot of the problem is the split in the fan base if you go 'without FCs' or with, bot the games I listed allow FCs from various series, but also allow OC Themes.

    If I were to create a Sailor Moon game It would personally have:

    • No FCs ( as PCs) - Its set post Stars, and the Senshi are working to ressurecting other forms of magical girls to spread the work load - allowing for OC Themes.

    • The FCs are around and a ( also the Shitenou live, they got reincarted at the end of Seasons 1 so they need to wake up be awesome male Knights...( Ala Sailor Moon Crystal).

    • Rise of Crystal Tokyo- There are some kerfuffles with the timeline ( via Usagi meetin Neo Queen Serenity) (NSQ), so Crystal Tokyo's + the magical girls efforts are beginning to have an effect (magic tech, and improved life spans yadda yadda).

    • The Bad Guys: Other Magical Girls- or rather 'Corruption' remember that 'Dark Sailor Mercury Arc from PGSM, its sort of like that. But there also literal Bad guys, entities and their generals (also with Magical people who've done heal-face turns-)

  • @icanbeyourmuse
    You realize that's literally why all the bad shit happens on Earth in the manga, right? Incarnations of Chaos drawn to Sailormoon and the Illusion Silver Crystal's light?

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    If you adhere to the way SM time works (one contingent timeline that can be altered but if the alteration is undone it snaps back to the prime timeline, which is why Serenity couldn't just... destroy the Wiseman instead of banishing him, because of stable time junk), the Shadow Galactica War is long over by the time of Crystal Tokyo. Which works for me, because having things like Sailor Mau and Sailor Cocoon as 'training friends from another planet' would be awesome for plots.

    Setting it in Crystal Tokyo era , you could even fudge it as to why the Starlights (and the other restored Animamates like Coronis and Mermaid and Chuu) are long-lived like the Court of Crystal Tokyo (exposure to the crystal, or being a member of Kakyuu's court in the same way the Inners/Outers are long-lived due to being part of the Queen's Court.) And all the villains are (if you go by the manga) incarnations of Chaos trying to regain the other half of it (the light of the Crystal), so the onslaught of bad guys has just been on reprieve after Galaxia.

    One thing you could do is, set it up so that PCs can't play antagonists except as NPCs for plots, and staff control the 'big bad'. Set up the expectation that the good guys might have temporary loses (Mamoru's constant kidnappings, the Dead Moon's stealing of all the Dream Mirrors in the anime; Galaxia's destruction of the Senshi in the manga, though that's a heavy thin), but will win in the end. Trust me, it may sound antithetical to the ideals of the WoD community, but it works. And with PCs not playing the villains, but having risks (did tha sector of Crystal Tokyo just get wiped off the map? OH NOES!) and outcomes for not always succeeding (again, see Black Moon's initial invasion of Crystal Tokyo, where EVERYONE DIES until the timeline is fixed), you can have satisfying plots and closure.

    I'm curious what you mean by 'themes'? do you mean thati n the same way BF and MM do (IE: someone created a magical girl series based around sealing youkai, for example)?

    In the Crystal Tokyo era, you could (if you'll allow me to wax plotly for a moment) the Stargate route: Earth, while perfect, is growing overpopulated. The human race needs to spread out, due to this and due to the extinction potential (due to the Crystal making Earth the prime target for Chaos Incarnations). In order to do this, other Senshi are needed to protect those planets. Thus Serenity empowering a bunch of young girls as Senshi and men as Knights (ala the Shiten'ou because I love them too), and training on Earth. Eventually, as characters retire, they can go off to protect the planet of their power source. Each arc villain is a different incarnation of Chaos allowing staff huge amounts of freedom to do things (such as, hey, there was still Dead Moon Circus people sealed in the Eclipse; there are Animamates that Galaxia left out in the galaxy that haven't been healed; there is a Black Starlight Army in the vein of the Cylons and Zentraedi conquering swathes of the galaxy in the name of the Great Emperor Ingues).

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  • Maaan. I want t make an SM mu* now. I blame @Bobotron. To add why other 'rulers' like Kakyuu are in Crystal Tokyo is them becoming part of Sailor Moon's Council or something. A kind of all the leaders coming together to plot ways to fight off the next big threat. From what I can tell each galaxy or solar system has a grand leader. Could even bring back the Amazon Quartet under Chibi-Usa (as in the Manga and if I recall vaguely in the original series it was hinted they were her future Senshi) and Mamo-Chan's 4 guys. To further thoughts.. each planet could have 4 Senshi (or Knights if there is want for being boys) under them. I believe it was also said that the Senshi are all princesses in their own right. So, it wouldn't be bad if they all had their own soldiers since I believe they wre chosen/opted to serve Usagi. It wouldn't be unprecedented with the starlights, the Quartets, and Mamo-chan's boys. Sailor Moon seems the only one that really has more than 4 under her all. In the setting SM could be the ruler off all the things and not have much of her powers as Sailor Moon. Although, I believe at the end of the Manga she was also hinted at being Sailor Cosmos, which is also something that can be played off.

  • Creator

    I lean more towards BF and MM's 'we drawn on the tropes to be build other themes'. And in theory the Silver Crystal 's power is probably not singular, there are probably many other stones or what have ou of similar strength, in the universe.

    I know I wrote a story about how the Silver Millenium, The Belkan Empire from Nanonha, and many other Magical 'kingdoms', (including the ancient kingdom in SymphoGear), are all 'Second Generation' kingdoms.

    And there was a 'First'' kingdom before them. ( There by allowing 'themes' and series to have a 'place' and be part of the 'First' or 'Second' generations- because I just find it highly unlikely that there are NOT other 'Silver Crystal' level objects in the universe.

    I know I would certainly use the Star Gate Route- which is a great idea, @Bobotron . It allows NSQ to 'empower/ or perhaps try and ressurect the other fallen Senshi/Knight 'traditions'. ( So we'll make the Silver Millenium & Moon Court- the equivalent of the 'Jedi Counsel' from the Star Wars Movies', but there are dozens of OTHER 'tradtions', that are just rearly touched on ( like in RPG or extended universe material.).

    So If the Moon Court is the Jedi counsel, then hundreds of other traditions were simply small, but have found new life in the StarWays/Gates, and people come to them seeking to defend their friends, families, and worlds.

    There are a ton of ways you can pitch this.

  • I was thinking about a SM MU* that was set in the Moon Kingdom, during the battle to save it, pre- them coming to Earth.

  • I was pondering trying out Fantasy Moon but, I dunno. It doesn't seem to really appeal.

    PS. If anyone that is posting here/following wants to make an SM game. I'd totally be for it.

    PPS. I have a server host I was just gonna cancel because Vahlah City was/is getting to large for it but I can probably stop the cancellation if people want to make a small SM place. I doubt we'd get a very large player base either way so the size of it works.

  • @icanbeyourmuse
    Blame me all you want. I would be interested in helping you out with this project. The concept of a galactic council works out well. As far as leaders, it's a good assumption; we only see leaders in the form of Queen Serenity or Neo Queen Serenity, and Princess Kakyuu (each of the Starlights had their own planet, as well, at least in the anime). The Senshi were princesses of their planets (which, at least according to Codename Sailor V, had their own populations; one of the villains in Codename Sailor V was a reincarnation Venutian soldier who was in love with Princess Venus).

    Here's a thought. Take a page from Mai-Otome, and have Earth (which has one of the highest concentration of Senshi) have the Soldier academy, where people train and are given their powers by the Silver Crystal. This goes for both Senshi and Knights. I would try to stick to the setup for some canon stuff though: single planetary bodies have Senshi, which awaken if the planet is inhabited (implied by Saturn's destruction of Silver Millennium wiping out the populations of the other planets) or awaken if given some impetus (the Sailor Quartet being Chibiusa's guardians ala the Inner Senshi). Per canon, men can't be representative of a planet, but they can be empowered (the Shiten'ou were guardians of Endymion, princes of their own countries and generals given dominion over parts of the earth, for example).

    Perhaps. It feels odd to me, considering we see the wider galaxy which holds to the Sailor Crystal/planetary guardian trope (see all the Animamates origins), but it's a workable concept in general. The big thing is, where do you draw the line on themes and how to define them. Because there was always pretty good consistency within the SM universe for the other Soldiers outside the galaxy (even if their sailor suit was made of ribbons wrapped around the private parts).

  • @Bobotron Humm. That makes me think.. perhaps we can make a SMALL change to the SM verse canon.. rather than being sent out Galaxia draws potentials to Earth or maybe Usagi has many of the senshi that were lost/are from other planets reborn on Earth. She is more powerful than her mother wise and it seems feasible that Chibi-Usa would, eventually, be even more powerful than Usagi, especially since she is a bit of an unknown element due to being a child of the moon and Earth.

    Anyways, what I was saying is perhaps the senshi are all reborn on earth and during the rebirth Galaxia returned the Senshi Star Seeds to each person, Sailor Moon and her people as well as Princess Kakyuu and her following have already been returned to themselves so they don't count.

    All the new Senshi reside on Earth and slowly awaken (AKAQ get CGed) to fight the good fight. A council is formed, etc, etc.

    I'll see about cancelling the cancel of my former host for Vahlah. Then /try/ to figure out how to delete Vahlah's old stuff and reinstall a mu* (If this is a thing you know @Bobotron I would not be adverse to giving you shell info to feex it up for us)

  • @icanbeyourmuse
    That actually kinda lines up with how the Galaxy Cauldron works in the manga, anyway; all things return to it, are reborn and go to 'where they need to be' and this causes, for example, all the Senshi whose crystals fell into it to be reborn on Earth.

    The draw of potentials to Earth is, I think, a better option. That, combined with Neo-Queen Serenity being one of the few people able to bestow powers and activate the Sailor Crystals of uninhabited celestial bodies (it took activation for the Quartet to gain their powers, for example), would work to give the reason for lots of Senshi to be on Earth. Plus if potentials can be born on other worlds and come here to train, it leaves openings to tie in villains from elsewhere in the galaxy that are threats.

    Heck, doing it this way ALSO nets you the potential to do 'lords and ladies' type stuff, as people do courtly stuff in Crystal Tokyo, as well as expected social RP -AND- magical make-up time fighting evil by moonlight, training to be a good senshi by daylight. This way you can have antagonistic PCs without having to be villains (and if people WANT to be villains, make it clear that it's going to be a rough road and probably without a successful ending).

    I'll hit you up later tommorow night or Sunday. I can install most MU* servers pretty easy though Penn is the one I'm used to using and used to coding for.

  • @Bobotron I m okay with that too. Once we get the server set up we can properly figure out the code stuff we want/need and hammer out theme ideas. I am totally okay with Penn but my coding experience is even more limited in that than it is in TinyMUX so I'd leave the majority of the coding to you and focus more on writing theme stuff. If we could get at least 1 more person who wanted to do staffly things, focusing more towards the building aspect, I think we'd be made in the shade for staff side of things (I am a big fan of uneven numbers for staff) since Sailor Moon IS limited to a smaller audience in the MU* world.

    I don't think we really need to do anything in depth for the original senshi since they are all well known and will become NPCs.

    I could probably be on board for the Amazon Quartet being played as legit PC Senshis since there isn't masses of information on their /good/ side but, in general, I want to avoid using canon FCs that will place new Senshi in a place that they can't ever become as strong/stronger than the original cast. At least if the original cast is NPC it's understandable WHY they can't surprise. They could be explained as fighting deep within the chaos/serving as council/guides for the new Senshi. Using their powers to help advance over completely dominate. It has been shown, multiple times, that they would sacrifice themselves to help others. So, to me it makes sense they would do things to help protect the newer senshii trying to aid them.

    Also, I think we can draw from Code Name: V as well. Since they mesh up and the likes.

  • Addeum: Also Mamoru's guys as well. Being played, that is. They had token moments of inspiring Mamo-Chan after they were freezed from Baryl and Metalia but, overall, most of what is known about them is related to when they were evil so it gives a little room for interpretation.

  • Creator

    Perhaps the Shitenou teach at the Academy? Admitedly probably all the SEnshi ( FCsand not- there have to be some other planetary people like the Starlights and Kayguya that still have their populations on other worlds) teach.

    Maybe the Moon Court realizes that its beneficial to try and revive as many of those traditions and planet as possible (even if seeding them with earth people to rebuild their populations, if neessacery, to get those Star Seeds awake).

    Also what would be there reason for other planetary bodies's populations to reincarnate on earth (it makes little sense).

    Also is it plausible that 'Gems of power' (aka the Silver Crystal), from various other worlds exist? How do we handle those? ( they're probably very dormant and sleepy by now. So getting one (or having to reforge one- Rainbrow crystals from the Sailor Moon Classic, style could be an option.

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