Tempest's Playlist

  • Haven't done one of these yet, so let's see...

    Firan : Gemma, Zeynasi, others including Nilara, Shade, Tia, Linni, Vinoria.

    The Fifth World : Lucretia Cindravale

    City of Fog and Blood : Lucretia, Zhen Ji

    Game of Bones : Reyna

    The Reach : Xiao, Cecilia

    Wildcard : Nikita, Valette

    Kingsmouth : Aoife

    Darkwater (most recent version) : Catherine, Artemis

    CoMux (or whatever it's called now) : Stint as Wolverine when it opened, now Domino & Spider-Woman.

    Eldritch : Reina

    Reno : Selina, Archer

    Lots of various characters on places like Eternal Crusade/Game of Kings/etc that I CGd on and then usually immediately wandered away from.

  • You forgot the L5R mush!

  • Haha, I did. I can't remember my characters from there, and the wiki is dead. :(

    I still really like the cavalry ladies and the archery/bounty hunter people.

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