What do you look for in a game?

  • Pitcrew

    For me it is two things really, co-operative OOC atmosphere and availability of the spheres I feel like playing.
    No place is perfect and while there are a lot of things that i would want that would make me like games more those are the two basic qualities a game needs to get me to play there.

  • Pitcrew

    well, for me it's a mix of flexibility (within reason), well-behaved players, well-behaved and efficient staff, half-decent rules, and an interesting theme.

  • For me theme doesn't overly matter. I generally superficially pick a place by its name unless I am looking for something specific. It's all about the people for me.

  • Pitcrew

    My standards for WoD are so woefully low these days. If I log in and pubchat doesn't make me sigh in the first thirty minutes, usually it's good. And it helps if there's a limited selection of spheres. And as little OOC emotional fidelity required as possible.

  • Pitcrew

    I look for a nice playerbase, but the make or break part for me is how easy it is to create a character and actually join the play.

  • Pitcrew

    Relatively easy to follow CG, staff that don't have too much overt drama going on, and a fairly cooperative playerbase, that is generally all there to play the same game and accepts that conflict can be PvE or PvP.

    I ask too much most of the time.

  • Pitcrew

    @AmishRakeFight said:

    Relatively easy to follow CG[...]

    I should've added this. Due to being painfully retarded and entirely code-illiterate, the more hand-holding CG gives me, the more likely I am to actually finish it and start playing. I know this makes me negatively exceptional in the world of Telnet, but I'm sorry.

    I'm just stupid, okay?

  • Thankfully, most places have a CG channel now where you can ask questions even if the CG itself doesn't do that. You mentioned taking a multi-year break -- I had as well for a long while, and that seems to have cropped up as a trend while I was gone, so it may be the same for you. (I dunno, but it is a helpful thing either way.)

  • Magic. That's it. That's the only thing required for me to check out a game.

  • @Huzuruth said:

    Magic. That's it. That's the only thing required for me to check out a game.

    Yet you won't try a My Little Pony game.

    I name you a liar, sir.

  • I hate horses. That's just a line I cannot cross.

  • No earth based medieval for you then.

    How do you feel about riding bears?

  • Admin

    I suppose I should add this.

    My main expectation of a game is to entertain. That supersedes just about anything at all. If I'm playing and not having fun then no combination of theme, mechanics or character concept will keep me there.

    The sole exception is if I'm expecting things to change, but it'd need to be pretty imminently. The days where I looked at games I thought had potential but were staffed badly and waited for them to change their ways are well behind me; these days it's no fun => no @Arkandel.

  • Easy character generation. If there are a bunch of hurdles to jump before I can have fun, I'll check out without giving a place a chance. Required backgrounds are included, I prefer to make that stuff up during play.

    A set of rules that is easily accessible. If I can download a copy of the rulebook, hooray. Is everything on your wiki? Even better. Is everything in a house rule bboard or some obscure news file that isn't labeled 'news house rules' that everyone is expected to know off by heart? Fuck off.

    Friendly staff that encourage RP rather than just idle and yell on +pub Why you not RPing?!

    A fun OOC atmosphere where players are able to run their own pickup plots with actual rewards like cash and prizes. If things are super difficult to get, then you bet I'm going to be a baby and blow a spaz when a boring staff run plot takes them away.

  • Anything not run by Troy/Spider.

  • @Misadventure said:

    How do you feel about riding bears?

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  • Majestic as fuck.

  • You're both getting it wrong.

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