Happy Birthday Second Pass MUSH!

  • Pitcrew

    Second Pass MUSH is turning five! We're celebrating with a fun event on the weekend of July 25th, and we have lots of other things coming down the pipe as well. The residents of Azov Weyr and Xanadu Town are living in interesting times, with an overabundance of rain causing crop failures, shortages and skyrocketing food prices. Will there be famine? Not yet, but winter is coming.

    Threadfall is much on everyone's mind, with a recent death of a Xanadu dragonrider helping out with a Fall over Maori Weyr's coverage area. Some chalk it up to overwork or a lack of familiarity with the territory, but some of the riders in her wing say they saw something strange happen before the tragic accident...

    The Colonial Council is in session, where the best and brightest (richest?) on Pern make the decisions that affect the lives of the planet's residents. And more importantly, it means that Xanadu's social Season is in full swing! After so much bad news, this year's Fog Ball, the pinnacle of the Season, is much anticipated.

    And what of baby dragons? Well, we leave that up to our players! When three or more PCs of Impressible age (under 25) are interested, we hold a PC Hatching. So grab some friends and create some potential candidates. Just can't wait to get on a dragon? Create an instarider!

    We're a small but enthusiastic group of players looking for more people to join in the fun. Second Pass takes place early in Pern's timeline, when Thread is still a relatively new menace, society is moving towards the traditional Craft and Hold system, and ties to Earth and its technology are fading. We have minimal activity requirements for non-feature characters. Come check us out at riverdark.net port 1234 and http://www.2pmush.net/

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