Ground Zero: Code help! Things! And stuff!

  • Heya folks!

    I know this has kind of been posted about before, but thought I'd bring up a new thread, as our needs have changed a little bit.

    @Thisnameistaken and I are trying to start a post apocalypse themed MUSH that has hit a snag or two. Initially we thought "Oh yeah! We'll totally just do everything ourselves with a few tips here and there! It'll be fine!", but brick walls have been hit with the coding aspect of things.

    Thus, this is me asking (read: begging) for someone who is willing to take up the coding reins, even if that means changing all the code around. It's coded in Rhost at the moment, but we are not opposed to switching. So far, we have the basis of a history, most of a grid, some policies and some ideas put together. It's a work in progress right now, but if we could find someone to code, that would for obvious reasons be a big stress shifted to let us focus on getting some of the other things put together.

    The MUSH will be called Ground Zero, and is a mortal only, post apocalypse setting. We're still torn between nWoD and Exodus, but I think we're leaning more heavily toward Exodus, because it's more catered toward the setting and feel of the game we were looking for.

    I'm well aware that most of the coders around here are busy with their own stuff, so if you can't help but know someone who might be able to, instead, that would be absolutely fantastic. Please send them our way!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read, everyone!

    Here's a brief summary of the history of the setting, for reference/fun:

    2001, Septemper, 11
    Terrorists carried out an attack on the United States.
    These attacks targeted thirteen major cities throughout the nation. New York, Los Angelos, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Columbus, Pheonix, Denver, Las Vegas, and Anchorage.
    The first bomb to hit was Seattle. By the time Washington D.C. heard about it, twelve other cities had been bombed and communication had ceased.
    No one knows who started the war. The Russians, the Chinese, the Middle East, and Canada are just a few of the popular rumors. Less popular rumors hint that the United States government itself might have orchestrated the attacks. With communications down, no one is certain.
    The United States was lost to chaos. Mexico invaded, claiming what was left of many southern cities. Canada constructed a massive wall across much of their border. Alaska… no one's sure what happened to Alaska.
    Since 2001, the United States have shattered. Major cities are being rebuilt, either under the Patriots or the New World. Smaller cities and towns are left to fend for themselves against both the environment and opportunistic mercenaries, bandits, and raiders.
    Seattle is in a balance, held by both the Patriots and the New Order, the two factions circling each other. Will they work together to rebuild, or will they start a new war entirely?
    Because war, war never ends.

  • Seems interesting, and I've honestly been baffled at the lack of a post-apoc MU, because it's the most common 'oh I wish there was a XYZ game' thing I hear.

    Alas, I know no code, but good luck! And a not-WoD system (that isn't fucking FS3) is always interesting!

  • It;s a huge genre, aboutr the same size as Sc-Fi.

    There is what sort of post-apocalypse, how "realistically" you treat it, and what sort of action you focus on.

    Zombies, asteroid, aliens, plagues, global meltdown, climate change, nanobots, AI/computer virus, warfare, religious event, etc.

    Tomorrow, 28 weeks later, the new wasteland, emerging adaption/the new frontier, mining the destroyed past, the altered future.

    Psychological commentary, societal commentary, gritty survival, adventure, sci-fi survival,pulp survival, the New Humanity, etc.

  • @Misadventure

    We're definitely going for a more Fallout kind of theme. Mutant things, wasteland, destroyed society, that kind of thing. Not really anything magic or nanobot-y. So I guess more of a gritty survival edge?

    It's certainly a huge genre, and I am surprised there don't seem to be more places around. I've been wanting to make a place like this for years, but haven't really found someone I trust enough to work on it, until recently. And I wasn't even the one that brought up making our own place, so even better! Haha.

    Not that we don't like supernatural genre of things, but we wanted to go more mundane and mortal only. I certainly am getting kind of burnt out on magic and dragons and fairies, oh my! (Even in the more modern WoD setting.)

  • My bad, I got distracted by the question, and forgot this was a thread for a specific MU. I coulda just asked.

    When you say Fallout, do you mean with the 50s flare, or not?

    My personal attraction to post-apoc is rebuilding, and I am not sure that is actually fun. I blame Living Steel for setting up a huge complex and realistic appearing system that create a glamorized version of rebuild from the frontier lifestyle in my head.

    Any plans on a game system? And by that I mean yeah you could do a strong combat system, or you could do one that is mostly about drama building or whatever. Just curious.

  • @Misadventure

    I think that might depend on the players in this particular instance, the 50's flare kind of stuff. As far as I'm concerned, I'm more into providing the environment, and seeing what the players do with it, in regards to flare. Definitely more into the survival aspects than the rebuilding, myself. Or, at least rebuilding on a smaller, more extended scale. Been on a few games in the past that totally destroyed the fun of the post-apocalypse genre for me, by everything getting put back together in a month or two, in tip top shape.

    That said, for game system, I think we're leaning toward the Exodus system, though we're considering nWoD as well, if only because the later is more familiar to the two of us.

    I know this is pretty vague at this point, but personally, I'd like a good mix of drama/combat things. Mystery and intrigue is good! I prefer a good mystery over hack n' slash most of the time. So we'll see where that goes. Going to try to keep some updates coming for those folks who are interested, when we get some more things set in stone.

    We just need to find a coder who's interested! :)