Of Dice And Men: A Movie to Buy!?

  • Pitcrew

    Okay I don't know if here or anywhere is the place to plug this, and if nowhere is than mods, feel free to delete, I understand! This tastes LESS gamey but not entirely non-gamey! What this tastes like is a movie, about tabletop gaming, that has been making the rounds at game-cons and film-cons and finally landed film distribution and thus can be purchased for viewing pleasure.

    It was created by friends of mine, and so I think its pretty awesome. Is it the best movie you will see ever in your life? It's an indie-film made mostly by gamers using local actors about tabletop gaming, and the storyline that follows when one of their tabletop group enlists in the Iraq war (It is based on a play, written by one of the actors in the film.) Is it something interesting and cool about a hobby that many of you are familiar with, represented on film? Yeah for sure. Is it WAY LESS STUPID than Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie. or uh..didn't they do a Kindred the Embraced show? Obviously. The characters are gamers, not...gamer characters, though there is amusing crossover meant to enhance the story. I liked it, and I am way proud of my friends, actors, producers, and playwright alike for making it happen.

    Anyway, check it out if you are interested. Be warned the trailer is NSFW due to serious swear words. The movie is not rated, but there is no sex or nudity or anything like that. Silly simulated violence, and a wholelotta cursin'


  • Pitcrew

    I might by this for my GF, she likes tongue in cheek stuff like this.

  • Pitcrew

    Yay! The people who made it are the best! Truly great folks. If you have a place to share non-MU* related things over on your space, pop up the link maybe? I don't think they are in the hole on this project after all the cons, but they have new ones coming up, and exposure is good. The 'geek movie business' is a niche at this point, but people are learning that the audience isn't as small as expected.

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