Desc Help?

  • So, I'm trying to make an alt, but I suck ass at descs.

    I haven't had much luck with google, though I've found pictures of the outfits I like. Where do people find stuff on clothes to use in descs?

  • Have links to the pics? That could help.

    I know a lot of folks just wiki it these days more than desc, and I've been guilty of putting a generalized 'this is her general style, here's a link to the specific outfit' kind of desc lately if someone wears something that would be fairly complicated to describe without getting too florid or going on at length about princess seams or bias cuts or... anything else that probably just makes people's eyes glaze right over.

  • Yeah, I can PM them or something. One is from a video game and I don't think I can grab a screen cap from my 3DS. I may see what I can do for sticking the thing up somewhere because I like the clothes, even if I'm not playing someone who looks like the person wearing them.

  • I have realized I'm a shitty 'modern descer' insofar as detailing type of clothing (the aforementioned princess seams, etc.) Too many years of futuristic descriptions or robots (and so don't wear clothing). So I go for a very direct and specific description approach, like...

    He is currently wearing charcoal gray pants that match his vest, in an athletic cut, with a good break on top of his pointed-toe, shiny black leather shoes. 

    Getting to flowery just makes me go 'huh?' But the sstraighrtforward desc, at least you have an A, B and C about what's going on.

  • I like the basics. Purple walls of text usually get summed up with what colour hair they are and what they're armed with. If a description is more than 10 lines, that's too much.

  • Pitcrew

    Start with Pinterest using a general search. It gives a good idea for clothes using some basic terms ("man business suit" or "hiker"). You can often find a good played by this way if you see a photo you like.

    Descwise, I sometimes start with a few features and run from there.

  • I always go with head-to-toe when doing my descs. Hair, face, facial hair, eyes, scars/tattoos, then the top (jacket, shirt, etc.) and bottom (slacks, jeans, hula skirt, artfully-positioned labradoodle) and shoes dead last. I can swap out lines if something changes, like they lose a hand or someone stole their pants in-game.

  • These are all good ideas. I bothered @surreality with some links, and I've gotten a few suggestions at least.

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