PreMade Grids and Code (Clone Wars Game)

  • Pitcrew

    Hey All,

    I was just curious, I have had the really big urge to see about opening a Star Wars - Clone Wars Era game. I enjoy story telling allot and running an arc. However, I hate coding in every sense of the word. That got me to thinking, has there every been anyone that's tried to either sell their talents or already have a pregenerated world for folks to use?

    Perhaps the community is to small for that to be something lucrative, but it just seems like an idea for the masses who don't like coding, but want to run a place. Eh, I don't know.

  • @Soresu Depending on what system you're wanting to use for gameplay, I think there is a fully set-up codebase for Star Wars SAGA (the d20 game), somewhere, because I've played on like 3 separate games that all had the exact same info files/+map system/etc. No idea who the owner is, or if they'd be willing to share.

    Personally, I think grids are overrated. Unless you're gonna do something where territory is some kind of mechanic (IE, in a vampire game maybe), it's pretty easy to just use RP rooms.

  • @Soresu There's Dahan's d6 floating around at, also Faraday's system is pretty good for things like starwars, and it's pretty much plug and play, you just have to edit out the battlestar references and put in star wars ones.

  • Off-topic: I read the title as 'PreMade Girls and Code'... now slightly disappointed.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh, Hah, I guess maybe it was thought off. I have always been a bigger fan of the d6 system. I'll take a look to see what is out there. I was just surprised that I had never seen a 'prefab' place existing - or someone willing to build it for a fee. Thanks for the tips!

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