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  • I took a while off of MUSHing.

    AJ (Adam James) @ Requiem for Kingsmouth: mortal

    (I had another AJ somewhere, but it wasn't Victorian Nights; I just remembered the Darkling used a pseudonym!)
    Simon Lee @ Victorian Nights: Romani Darkling (? I think) I-forget-what-else. Idled due to law school finals and the game had died when I came back
    Jess @ some damn changeling sphere: Eshu, wanderer
    Jude @ Cajun Nights: Autumn Person
    Gabriel @ Heart of Darkness: biracial translator, Child of Gaia kinfolk
    Declan @ somewhere (Fortunae mage)
    Tim@Generations MUSH (that's what the 1980s one was called, right? Vietnam vet "gone native," turned Cultist of Ecstasy, because Akashic was too obvious)
    Graham @ somewhere else (Leanhaun sidhe)
    Jesse @ Haight-Ashbury: the lone Virtual Adept! Cop, dealing with early cop computer systems. I still kind of miss this concept, given he was an Adept in the '60s, with all that entails
    Jack @ Masquerade: Verbena Mage, Hispanic, Aztec rituals (2003ish)
    Abbott @ Miami by Night: House Thig Mage, whacked by Sabbat (2000ish)

    I also came and went from Chicago MUSH for a while. I think I had a reporter PC.

    Probably some others, too -- I know I had a character on the first Tales of Ta'veren and another on Peverel's Changeling game, but I'll be damned if I remember their names. I tend to high-intensity, either intensely charismatic/intensely uncharismatic concepts (the current character I'm playing is not an exception at all -- quieter PCs, like the Darkling, who was very careful, are less common for me). I also like to play 'thematic outsiders' for lack of a better word: whatever should be around, but isn't (ie, before I apped, there were no Hispanic PCs in Masquerade's Albuquerque).

    Will edit as I remember more. And no, I don't always play As or Js. I just somehow wind up using those letters! Help me fill in the blanks if you remember, too.

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