Any players of Eclipse Phase out there?

  • I've a few dozen questions for you!

  • Pitcrew

    Nope. It's one of those games that everybody talks about how theoretically awesome it is, but nobody ever plays.

  • I only don't play it because it lacks a proper mush. The only one that exists is just a grid with a +roll command. No +sheet, no spaceflight simulator, NOTHING of interest.

  • WHAT would you do with a spaceflight simulator?


    A trip time table or calculator would be sorta keen as it would let you know how long a physical person was stuck in isolation with another group.

    I suppose you could make a MUD out of EP, it does justify returning to life, by which I mean uploading before you die,

  • It would let me fly a spaceship around and have RP while going from one place to another, instead of having huge gaps of time missing because of transit time being broadcast from one side of the solar system to the other. Explore local traffic where it literally takes more time to load your ego into a new body than it does to fly there. Zip around Exoplanets where the egocasting infrastructure doesn't exist. Kill time when other players aren't around.

    We can justify this by finding some near FTL or possibly actual FTL tech somewhere. Make it more expensive than egocasting, or only available to so many ships (read as - the people who want to fly about manually)

  • Yeah. Same as people who wanted to drive around MU*s. If its a MUD everything code makes sense it makes more encounters/costs etc. Otherwise, how about you use your imagination?

  • I've only played it in a quasi table-topish environment.

    You can be an octopus though! :octopus: That's pretty keen.

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