Update Errors

  • Not sure where to put this, but after the update to the new version, I seem to have lost some funcitonality. No idea if others have.

    I no longer get a 'go to last position' box on any thread.
    Reading a thread from the unread box at the top, does not mark it read any longer.
    Sometimes my view is full-screen and sometimes it is squished with a 10% blank bar on each side.

    If this needs to be moved, please let me know. Just reporting the bug.

  • I haven't updated to the new version yet. I have noticed for myself that the "go to last position" box is rather rarely seen these days, but I haven't had any of the screen sizing issues. Anyone else having similar problems?

  • Pitcrew

    The screen sizing issue might be accidental clicking on the button that appears if you hover your mouse near the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Creator

    I get the weird re-sizing thing happen when I use the bookmark that's on my toolbar. However if I click home from the top of the page it goes normal, but not if I click MU Soapbx. But either way no numbers show up to say how many posts are unread and they only show up as a list when I click the unread box.

    There was a 502 Gateway error earlier this morning, as well.

  • Yeah, that error is the forums running out of memory, which is why I said I was going to upgrade Friday. I forgot to do so, but the error this morning was a nice little kick in the nuts as a reminder for me.

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