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  • Disclaimer: I have been playing on/off/on/off WoD games since probably the birth of the Internet (circa 1995). Some of the names of the characters I may not be able to recall. I'll try to keep this in something of an organized manner.

    Games I have played on

    oWoD (Old World of Darkness) -- a long list
    Paris (Les Fleurs du Mal)
    Masquerade (First game. First Vampire. First lessons learned that people be craycray)
    Bar Harbor
    Dark Wine and Roses
    --the other incarnation of DW&R after DW&R went through a reboot (Shadowed Isles?)
    Hint of Malice
    Guilded Promise
    Denver by Night
    Cajun Nights
    Gathering Storm
    ....others I'm sure, but cannot recall at the moment

    nWoD (New World of Darkness) -- a shorter list
    The Reach
    a CtL themed game taking place in Victorian England (first nWoD experience. First Changeling)
    Safe Haven Harbor
    Eldritch (I have a PC...but haven't played there yet, cause I'm dragging ass with concept :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

    Names I have used over the years (either in oWoD or nWoD)
    Tarlyn (Vampire. Tremere)
    Valjean (Mortal+)
    Archer (Sidhe Changeling)
    Luciano (Lasombra/Mortal+)
    Joachim (Mage. Hermetic/Mysterium)
    Aaron (Changeling. Autumn Court)
    Locke/Collwyn (Changeling. oWoD Custom Kith/CtL Fairest )
    Darian (Mage. Hermetic/Ex Miscellanea - Merinita)
    Darien (Sidhe. House Darieann)
    Erique (Vampire. Toreador)
    Dorsey (Mortal+. Hunter/Ghoul)
    Donovan (Changeling. House Dougal)

  • Shadowed Isles is right, yes. :)

  • Pitcrew


  • Joooooachimmmmmmm! It's your favourite Mystie, Laaaaara!

  • @VulgarKitten said:

    Joooooachimmmmmmm! It's your favourite Mystie, Laaaaara!

    I miss you Old Books! I'm sad that we didn't get to RP as much within the sphere as I had liked :(

  • Was Darien on SI? Sounds familiar.

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