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    The Last Road is a post-apocalyptic dieselpunk game inspired by the Mad Max movies (you'll be fine if you haven't seen them), using Ares MUSH and FS3 as a system and codebase. This is a game of desperate survival, high-octane adventure, cruel piracy and even crueler politics. It is a consent-based game that focuses on PvE and co-operative storytelling, but allows for brutal combat and life-and-death consequences for those who want the risk. We don't just focus on combat and danger, however - the social warfare and politics of the post-apocalypse can be just as treacherous. Throw in plots of mystery and discovery in a wasteland that's buried more than a few secrets and we're hoping there's something for everyone here.

    We have different character Tiers for different levels of activity and responsibility (30AP/45AP/60AP), open to everyone. These are not lengthy, heavy-handed apps, and you can can have up to 5 Tier 1 (starting level, 30AP) characters at a time, one in each group. Tier 2 are more experienced (45AP) and are limited to 1 per IC area, which at open is one starting location. Tier 3 are IC leadership roles expected to help foster RP (60AP), and you are limited to 1 on the game at a time. This way everyone can have one 'badass' and a number of more basic power characters.

    We're just opening and literally everything and anything is needed, so jump in anywhere. We'll get you going.

    lastroadmu.com 4201

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    Our first 3 Roster characters are up! On TLR, Roster Tier characters are pre-made parts of the existing story/game world. The Triumvirate that runs the Sanctuary (the starting IC location) are Roster characters. They have pre-written history, leadership duties and are the highest statted characters on the game. They are, however, NPCs in a sense as plot pieces meant to further the game. You can see them here. Interviews are how we cast them, so poke DeLorean (me) on game if interested. For the record, neither I nor Tesla (my SO) play Rosters, though I may emit them in scenes if they are currently without a player as head ST.

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    Already at 15 approved characters with RP happening daily - so happy with the turnout given the time of year!

    Hoping to do an event soon for prospective players to come try out the game. If I have some starting-level (Tier 1) pregens to choose from, would people be interested?

  • @botulism You shouldn't be surprised. People flock to your games like you said you were giving away free candy, as a rule. :)

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    The Last Road Opening Event: Bartertown Week!

    We're kicking off the full open of the game with a week-long series of event as the PCs (residents of the Sanctuary) travel to Bartertown to cement a deal between the two. This a a great time to come and give the game a try, and we've put up 10 pre-made Tier 1 characters for just that purpose. Each was created without a specified gender or description so you can personalize them to suit your preferences. You can see a list of them at http://www.lastroadmu.com/roster. The three that have profile icons and are set app-only are not the Tier 1 pregens.

    Things kick off Sunday with the convoy trip to Bartertown, starting at 4pm Eastern US. It will be an all-day RP event. More events will run throughout the week.

    Come give the game a spin!