Error happening with quotation marks in Ares

  • Pitcrew

    Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?


    For those of you who can't see the picture, every time someone 'speaks' the first set of quotation marks are prefaced by the word "blue".

    I thought it was just my chromebook and DuckClient, but it just hit me that the error is happening on the Ares webclient now, and on my Mukluk (my phone client) - and on my Windows work PC. It doesn't happen on Arx at all. I've tried using another client like Edge, but I can't even get Gray Harbor to load there.

    It is also happening across my GH alts, and was happening on TC too.

  • @silverfox My guess would be that you have your quotecolor preference set to "blue" instead of to an actual ansi code.

    If you have an AresCentral handle, that color option will be in your AresCentral preferences. Otherwise you can set it with the quotecolor command on each individual game.

    You can also have Ares colorize text between quotes in poses, to make quotations more visible. The color code can be found in the colors command. You can also combine colors, so %xb%xh will make it bold and blue.

    quotecolor <ansi color code> - Sets your quotation color. Leave blank to clear it.

  • Tutorialist


    Is it just on one Ares game, or all Ares games? Is this maybe a thing with the 'quotecolor' setting being 'blue' instead of a color code?

  • Pitcrew

    @faraday said in Error happening with quotation marks in Ares:



    It has been driving me insane and I knew it had to be something I'd done since it wasn't happening to anyone else.

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