The Storypath System / Aberrant Second Edition

  • On the surface, I love the Storypath system. Using the Trinity core rules my TT group did a GI Joe style campaign and it worked great.

    Sadly, I can't really stand either of the Storypath implementations. I found Scion 2e to be an absolute mess. Aberrant was a little better but I just hate some of the design choices they made(convoluted character generation and starting at Scale 1 instead of Scale 0 which throws some things just off-kilter enough to be jarring).

    The good thing about Aberrant is that I think you could house rule a simple character generation process and that would make things quite a bit better.

    Anyway, just got my backer PDF of Aberrant and wanted to do a mini-rant about a system that I think I could absolutely love...but just can't.

  • @ZombieGenesis I do like Aberrant for really stepping out of normal boundaries in terms of what powers can do. Not because you CAN'T in other games, they just don't tend to show you how to say advance evolution or create life.

    Sadly its not really in a toolbox format, and while it could be copied into another build your powers game (Hero, M&M, various DC rgs), its not an easy task to increase the granularity of the core of these more unusual powers.

  • My knee jerk response to creating a "Gods and Monsters" style MUSH would be to use Wild Talents. It can be clunky in some areas but my group had a lot of fun with it and once you get over the learning spike(I don't think it's much of a curve, it's more like a big spike but once you figure it out the game is pretty slick) you can create characters pretty quickly and there are not a lot of limits on what you can create. I think the problem is the system might be TOO open for a game with 10-20 players on it. Also, that learning spike might end up being a wall for some people and one not worth trying to climb over.

    With Aberrant, I'm working on stripping it down and simplifying it a bit. Not to a toolkit level but trying to make it so you could at least get in quick and come close to making whatever you wanted.

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