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    I had an idea kicking around in my head for a couple of weeks, a concept really. I'm looking to gauge interest in and test the waters with a couple of ideas. I am, of course, also hoping to have further conversation on the topic.

    I'm looking to try my hand at opening and administrating a game. I hope to learn new skills, and see a more in-depth side of just what it takes to administrate one of these games I've enjoyed for so long on a higher level than my previous staff forays.

    The concept is, as the title suggests, a game based in Creation of Exalted 3rd Ed.

    Due to the size, and ease of integration for logs, wikis, and online play I'm thinking Ares might work really well in terms of server. I also just really enjoy Ares.

    In terms of theme I've got two concepts that are somewhat mutually exclusive: The first idea I'm thinking something based specifically on the Realm in the Blessed Isles and with the Dragonblooded as the standard PC.

    There's a lot of potential for a pretty adventure heavy, wuxia inspired, fantasty lords and ladies sort of feel to the culture I think would really work well. The Grid could be a major city of the Realm, allowing for family alliances and all the rest within the area around the Imperial Manse/City. I'm still not 100% set on the WHEN it would take place, but I'm thinking either shortly after the Scarlet Empress' disappearance or sometime before, keeping her as a potent NPC/ST character.

    It would also allow the Celestial Exalted Spats (Solar, Lunar, and/or Sidereal ) to remain as higher tiered characters for players interested in advancing and telling stories. The Abyssal, Infernal, and Alchemical Exalted would remain as NPCs only. Other Exalted splats would be considered once we got a look at the rules.

    The second idea is far more open, in that it would allow people to play Celestial Exalted as well as Terrestrial Exalted. In this case, I was thinking the main grid would be set in somewhere like Nexus. I have less fleshed out ideas on this alternate concept. In this case, I'd probably want to explore Nexus' unique character and location as a powerful, largely unaligned city where almost anything goes if you can scrape the coin together.

    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested, and chatting out ideas or concepts. While I'm in the beginning stages of this particular concept I've wanted to try my hand at admining a game for a while now and figured why not now?


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    @Surasanji Would play either. Second sounds more fun, but yes, either.

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    Do you mind if I ask why the second idea works better for you?

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    I'd rather the second, too.

    Though to be honest, an Exalted MU sounds best if done... how do I put this...

    What i think you want is a small-ish game where you handle a specific story (maybe you run Nexus plots and those are the 'staff plots') and let other people sort of sandbox/PRP/run plots in the rest of Creation (with big ones that chang political alliances and whatnot needing to be run through you real quick first).

    Mostly because I think Exalted need room to stretch their powers and that's the best way to do it, IMO.

    What are you gonna do about the sheets/roller/code/etc?

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    @Surasanji said in Interest Check: Exalted 3rd ed Mu:

    Do you mind if I ask why the second idea works better for you?

    My personal experience with Realm games hasn't been terribly positive. There has tended to form a hierarchy based around who has the most obsessively devoured trivia around the society as described in canon that feels pretty exclusionary to someone who likes the game but doesn't have the money to buy all the books or the time to cross-reference factoids on social media with the creators. That may have just been part of the toxic culture surrounding second edition, but either way, it left an impression on me.

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    @Coin Those are some good points, and I like the idea of Nexus (And the rest of the scavenger lands, maybe?) being the primary storytelling location for staff run plots, with the actual grid just being Nexus. With Ares, it be super easy to just log in a temp room and there you go.

    I haven't yet decided on the technical side of things, in terms of sheet/code/roller. Ideally, I'd be able to get some assistance somewhere to set it up, as I will be the first to admit that coding is not a skill I can at best be considered a 'dabbler' in. However, I'll be the first to admit that getting someone who's more code savvy than I am to assist (or just outright do it) would probably be more efficient than me brute-forcing my way through it.

    Part of why I want to do this, though, is to figure out some low-level coding and since Ares uses Ruby and I've read that's a pretty decent language to learn when you're starting out. My learning to code in Ruby, though, is a secondary desire to actually trying my hand at running a game.

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    @GreenFlashlight Fair! Thank you! :)

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    I'm a big fan of Exalted, but honestly have no interest in playing Dragonblooded, so I'm another vote for #2.

    That said, the thing I've always wanted to play was Abyssal Exalted because Exalted 1e came out at the height of my emo edgelord phase but I never got to play my favorite anime sadbois.

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    @RDC Are Abyssals even on the docket yet? I kind of thought they've only gotten as far as finishing the Lunars and prepping the Exigents.

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    @GreenFlashlight No idea. I haven't really looked into Exalted since early 2e.

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    Right now, Ex3 only has Solars, Dragon-Blooded, and Lunars as viable PCs.

    I'm gonna go against the grain here and say "DB game!" Partly because DB rule, partly because there's enough of a social structure around them that you don't run into the problem that the narrative and mechanical role of the Celestials is "break the world over my knee and remake it in my image."

  • Both sound pretty fun, tbh.

  • @Surasanji I am of mixed feelings on the two ideas. On the one hand, terrestrial primary solves the 'I am in Gem for breakfast, teleport to Nexus for Lunch, and have Dinner in the private underwater Manse in the far western ocean' issue. More specifically, the 'my character is in every plot' spotlight hog. IT ALSO MEANS BLESSED ISLE POLITICS!!!

    On the other hand, I loves me some Solar/Lunar chicanery, so.


    Perhaps the second, but restrict location/travel stuff? This could be mitigated by a higher than normal alt cap, but limited by region. This could ALSO open up all of Creation for plots and RP and such!

    AS FOR CODE... I believe Volund has 2e, 2.5e, and 3e all pre-coded and free for use, but it uses Evennia, not Ares. It should have logging incorporated. If memory serves, it saves server-side so you can access it via client OR website. But saved in .txt, so you need to export it to the wiki somehow.

    Please do not use the wiki formats used in the past. They hurt my brain. MediaWiki or Wikidot, plz.

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    @GreenFlashlight They're planned, but no book. For the Mu itself, Abyssal and Infernal exalted would be restricted to plot characters/NPCs. .

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    @insomniac7809 I really do agree with you, and I feel like playing primarily in the Realm would allow for a more easily focused plot, and more RP opportunities within the society at large while also allowing PCs to have both a wide range of backgrounds and also giving them a common thread of connection.

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    @Jennkryst I agree. I've enjoyed political play in the past, and still do. I think the DB are just friggin' awesome, and I love how 3rd Ed handles them. I'm also a big fan of L&L games, or at least that sort of dynamic and I feel the Realm allows for that far easier than a more wide open game in terms of splats.

    I've, personally, never been a fan of spotlight hogs. I'd rather give each PC a chance to shine and be the star here or there if I'm able, and would request of any plot runners to try and do the same.

  • Any word on this? Still in the planning stages?

  • @Lemon-Fox I have a whole rollodex of characters to throw at chargen, SOME OF WHOM are not direct knockoffs of Legend of Dragoon characters.

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    @Jennkryst said in Interest Check: Exalted 3rd ed Mu:

    @Lemon-Fox I have a whole rollodex of characters to throw at chargen, SOME OF WHOM are not direct knockoffs of Legend of Dragoon characters.

    Legend of the Dragoon was the fucking best.

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