Steam Card Trade

  • The reason for this post is two-fold.

    One: I usually try to craft the badge during steam events and I'm sure others do, too. So I thought a place we can post our extras or ask for specific cards would be nice.

    Two: I'm selling off all my extra cards in Steam rn to try to afford Phasmophobia (to hopefully then find people to play with me on stream!) so if you have any extra cards just taking up space and are willing, I would love to have them.

  • Thank you to those who have reached out. I am set now! (Largely from someone deciding to just, uh, send me the game- you know who you are and thank you.)

    Also, I wanted to share this:
    It's an app that was recommended to me that simulates gameplay to get your library to generate cards. Been running it since yesterday and already got about ten? cards out of it. So it takes time! But for anyone else who is trying to do the 'sell cards so I can get games' thing, it can help a lot.

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