Dead By Daylight

  • Pitcrew

    Hi, people are talking a lot about what their favorite 2020 distraction games are right now and oh boy, does my first week of college have a story to tell you.


    Now that we have crossplay I can play on my Nintendo Switch. It's not ideal, but it works and I'm really enjoying it.

    Please post tips for a noobette like me, favorite builds, times you have booped the snoot, etc.

    And also if you've ever about shit yourself when Myers was chasing you.

  • Do you play mostly survivor? My biggest suggestion, whatever you "main", play some of the other side as well. You'd be surprised by what you learn from the other perspective.

    Some tips for making it as a solo survivor(I'm assuming solo queues anyway) is that knowledge is power. At least for me. I can't juke a killer for crap so I generally have to avoid being chased. Use Kindred. I think it's the most powerful perk in the game. I also recommend using Feng as your first survivor(if nothing else than to unlock her perks). The Technician perk can be invaluable as you learn to ace genny checks and I run Alert right alongside Kindred.

    My personal survivor build also utilizes Inner Strength and Small Game(gotta find them bones and break em).

    Finally, as a survivor, never assume the killer can see you. The killer has a very narrow field of view and survivors can hide in some pretty obvious spots(crouched in the corn, for example).

    For killer gameplay, my biggest suggestion is to pick a basic killer(Mikey for instance) and just get a feel for the range of lunges and finding hidden survivors. Also, never let a chase go on too long. If I haven't hit someone within 40 seconds of a chase starting I break it off so I can put pressure on gens.

    I also learned a lot by watching streamers. Otzdarva is a good one for killer play.

    Anyway, those are the thoughts just off the top of my head. Welcome to the fog!

  • Pitcrew

    @ZombieGenesis I didn't think I liked playing survivor at first, but I do. I have Kate to almost level 20 already. I think the best tip you gave me was 'never assume a killer can see you'. I have Spine Chill with Kate and I tend sometimes to hide when the killer can't see me, then run out when I think he's gone and boom.

    I have Leatherface to almost level 20 as well, and The Pig. I like some of Otz's commentary but I've been watching a lot of Yerv and OhTofu too!

    I'm going to keep in mind Inner Strength and Small Game. I did some games as Feng last night but they were all basically shitshows where the killer was way too good for any of us.

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