Get Yer Spoopies Out

  • I thought a thread to discuss fears, favorite creepypasta, nightmares and other generally spoopy things would be kind of fun. (It's not October yet but uh...shhhhh.) Opportunity for writing prompts, a way to work out the lingering spoopy chills if you can't shake 'em, or to share 'em.

    To kick it off, I just woke up from a very spoopy dream and I wanted to mention it somewhere before I forget. It was about human beings being replaced by something in the dark and the only way normal people could tell was the replacements would come back with tapetum lucidum in their eyes.

    In the dream I was on a camping trip with a group of friends and they kept stepping away from the campfire one by one and coming back replaced. But as it is sometimes in dreams, I was too paralyzed with fear to say anything as I would look across the flames and see the eye shine, and none of my other friends seemed to be noticing. All I could do was tear up as whatever they were smiled knowingly back at me and asked someone else to go fetch something away from the light.

    Woke up with a bit of sleep paralysis as I sometimes do, expecting someone to come through my bedroom door with eye shine. Ugh.

    Ok go! :D

  • Pitcrew

    Here is a YouTube channel devoted to short (about ten minutes) video essays on horror movies. I enjoy it. Perhaps you will also enjoy it.

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