MaybeMUSH: Superhero Sexting I mean Stuff

  • I’ve probably posted basically this same thing, like, forty times before, but I’ve also had a couple of concussions so it’s always new to me. Also, I will be doing adult typing and I apologize in advance.

    So, @fatefan and I might, maybe, possibly, potentially try to do a game.

    At one time, I was pretty hot about, just, yeah, let’s straight up make Johnathan Hickman’s X-Men The Game! But the more of it that I’ve read, and the more that I’ve thought about it and the really specific nature and details of the society existing in it - like, no, oh my god, that could just never work as a MU*.

    So, I’m back to my old idea. Because, of course I am, I’m a ridiculous Wildstorm fan girl and @Phase-Face and I wrote 30 fucking pages of theme files for it.

    And, here they are. They aren’t perfectly organized, but, reading over them, I think they flow well enough to be easily readable. This is, like, 95% theme stuff, with a few theme-adjacent things — like, how and in what ways you can change FCs, a stance on game continuity/retcons, rules for making FC-connected OCs, stuff like that.

    The, I guess, elevator pitch is that this would be a game set in, and around, San Francisco (which would be a sanctuary city for post-humans), with a thriving, mutant city-state of half a million mutants off the coast. SF’s Manhattan, but it’s people who can fly. It’s Marvel, and it’s mostly canon, but it’s also definitely not obsessively anal about it: there are ways to make some pretty big changes to FCs. It’s also Wildstorm, but it’s Wildstorm on top of Marvel. So there’s a Stormwatch, and Halo exists, but they’re all woven into the fabric of the Marvel Universe, not just glued on or in addition to.

    Because there’s so much stuff, here’s a pastebin for it:

    To rebel against being clearly comprehensible and shit, I made the poll as asinine and juvenile as possible.

  • I'd lop off my right hand for a good game where we can be adults about TSing and there are orgies on grid like the old school days?

  • A good 1990's game, with both the attitudes of the indie comic days after the laserprinter was introduced to the color and the early phase of MUSH where you didn't have to follow rigid protocol related to social relations of characters.

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