License to Kill MUSH

  • The world is a dangerous place. Luckily, you're a spy.

    Some of the harshest truths are learned on the field of battle, and some of the greatest lessons are learned from a lover. One man can change the world, with a little bit of luck. But there's no such thing as luck. Something is always going wrong, somewhere, and that's where you come in.

    License to Kill MUSH is set in the Bond universe, in modern times, as an analog of the real life world. Plots are based on real life events, suggested by players and run with the assistance of staff. Each and every 007 franchise organization, heroic, neutral, and villainous, is represented here, plus any you may suggest, with room for your own feature characters you add, or special thoughts of your own, original characters and expansions to the world.

    Our MUSH is based on world building, with a flexible combat system based on experience points, a non-combat skill and gadget system, an intelligence management system reliant on OOC performance in scenes as determined by players to allow additions to the world, plus game master code that also allows anyone participating to post bounties on the heads of other players.

    License to Kill MUSH is in beta, with the rudimentary grid (prior to player addition) and the system complete, ready for bug testing and your early contributions to the world of 2020.

  • That's Messed up the port, great opening night. :P

  • I will be giving this a look see.

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