Temperance at SerenityMUSH

  • Pitcrew

    Or Sloane at TrueBlood Dallas, London Grace at True Blood Dallas, someone else at Code Lyoko MUSH and holy shit we played a lot of games together circa what, like 2008-2009?

    I am pretty sure you're a catfish but if you're still out there, a) I never believed you were a 15 year old girl who played sports at an all Catholic girls' school and had a 17-year-old jock bro who played hockey but could never be online RPing at the same time as you on the same games, b) I'm not mad, c) I still care about you even though the whole sitch was bizarre as shit.

    You still roped me into some of the best and wildest memories from MU*dom.

    If at some point you ever want to come forward, find it in your heart to drop me a line and tell me that you're alive and doing well. Hopefully doing well.

    By the way, no one supported my shitty idea about getting your voice box put in my throat on SMU* after you left.

    -Terra's player

  • that's a name

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