Gray Harbor

  • Gray Harbor; a small town sitting on a thin point of the Veil -- the 'curtain' that separates our world from whatever is on the other side. Heaven? Hell? Parallel dimensions, other worlds? No one knows how it really works. Many who live in Gray Harbor have powers that seem to originate from the other side, and that's not all that the thinning of the Veil causes. The town's official murder rate is through the roof, yet somehow, the FBI never seems to get involved. People pass through and find themselves unable to leave, or drawn back. Other people leave and find their memories of the place hazy, or simply forget they were ever there.

    Gray Harbor has no single source material. It's a supernatural sandbox based on many ideas and concepts. Powerful influences include the novels of Stephen King and Clive Barker, TV-series such as Castle Rock, the X-Files, and Stranger Things. Plots and storylines are told by the story telling team and by regular players with a yarn to spin. It's not a game of winning against the dark or solving a supernatural riddle. It’s a game about surviving onslaughts both supernatural and mundane, protecting your loved ones, and keeping your sanity while you do. We tell intense stories -- horrible, haunting, speculative, and sometimes just plain funny -- about ordinary people given extraordinary abilities, in a place where the nature of reality itself is constantly being negotiated and pulled in many directions at once.

    Welcome to Gray Harbor. Everything is fine.

    [Disclaimer: I'm not staff, I just selfishly want more company, particularly during European hours. Come on over, ask questions, talk to people, see if we're your thing.]

  • Just a headsup that as of yesterday, KarmaBum and AlmightyMe have passed the game on to the next generation and Grimdarque is now the game runner. The transition to a new server went smoothly.

    Speaking as a regular player I want to thank KBAM for the fantastic game they made as well as for having the grace to let it continue under new management.

    Here's to another couple of years running from the Veil monsters!

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