Ideas you got from works of fiction

  • Post ideas you got from works of fiction. I started an Awakening 2e game that was inspired by Blade Runner 2049. You can still read the writeup, but I had to shutter that game when my father died this Summer.

    What works of fiction have you aped, and how, and why?

  • Tutorialist

    Darker fantasy has been really appealing to me lately. A Land Fit for Heroes, The Broken Empire , Cain's Law. I have been growing increasingly tired of games where everyone is the good guy and somehow manages to go from zero to murder at the drop of a hat.

    Those books show that evil (or at best a very jaded and selfish Chaotic Neutral) is a perfectly viable playstyle, and that you can make them deep, interesting characters that people want to work with rather than mustache twirling idiots that cackle all their mad plans.

    I will make a game for this. Someday. When I can reclaim my RL.

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