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    Hey, I figured I'd try to talk a bit here on some low stakes topics. What's some interesting RP you've seen outside of MUSHes in recent years? There's quite a lot going on out there, but the most interesting I've seen recently is on VRChat. A lot of professional 3D modelers and world developers literally make entire fully fleshed out 3D worlds and characters to basically virtually LARP in private RPs in VR.

    I know a crowd of developers and it sounds absolutely insane but they legit build whole ass 3D worlds as side projects for RP. But I guess it's no more insane than building an entire MUSH. I don't know much about the inner workings, since they don't allow people in to watch, but I suspect I know what worlds they're using, and they look really good.

    One of the developers is my friend Sketchu, if you want an idea of the wild ass 3D art and worlds they're using for this stuff.


    Like this: https://twitter.com/QyrVR/status/1252354796515758092/photo/1

    Is something she can whip up in like a week.

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