Cobalt +events Code help please

  • I'm trying to use this code in a Rhost mu. Can someone help me translate it? I need some alert() function that isn't defined.

    I also need to help translating the trigger() to @trig because the former doesn't exist in Rhost.

    Any other help is appreciated.

  • Tutorialist

    @binks0326 Hey, I'm not certain there's a good translation for the +Events code as I wrote it onto rhost. I remember back in the day when I offered it to Loki on HM, he said that there was no good way to do the trigger()--

    Also alert() is a user-defined function, that @Thenomain might have stored somewhere. Not certain.

    But @Ashen-Shugar or some of the other rhost peeps might be able to help you. Unfortunately, I never really learned to code in rhost. :(