The guy who coded Kishi Kaisei MUX [L5R]

  • Is he still around? I've recently run a RL campaign using the 'Legend of 7th Sea' which adapts 7th Sea to the 4th edition of AEG's roll and keep system and I believe with a minor tweaks (you just need to change a few names, add a couple of skills and voila, there is your Castillan pirate) a 7th Sea MU* would be possible.

  • No idea if he's still around or not, but I do want to say that I really liked the setup of that place. I found it at a time when people weren't really RPing, alas, but it seemed like a well-done version of L5R.

  • I love the idea and mechanics of L5R and the MUX definitely had a great set up, but for me I couldn't get into the social RP of the setting, and sadly 75% of anything you do on a MU is likely to be barchat/etc. Can't remember the guy's name, but he was definitely good people. If WORA and the Firan threads were still around, I could likely browse and find/remember it, but alas. Then again, if they were still around, the ad for Kishi Kaisei would be too.

  • Well, what percent of real life is also not worth rping?

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    Not sure how helpful this is but I am pretty sure that game was run by Bored@WORA.

  • It's not much, but it helps. Thanks!

  • Someone conveniently pointed me at this. I am said guy.

    I think the code is probably around somewhere, but I don't know that it would be much use for 7th Sea. Beyond sharing RnK (and you can code a basic RnK roller in under five minutes), the games aren't really that similar. Most of my coding effort was for the auto CG (validation stuff and tedious data entry). But 7th Sea's CG is a bit different (skills/knacks vs straight skills) and all the data is obviously different. Other core systems are also pretty different between the games (init, injury, etc).

    Vaguely related, I do know someone who has functional 7th Sea stuff completely unrelated to my code, although I'm not sure about its level of portability. I can make inquiries.

    Further related, I'd probably be pretty interested in playing on or even helping build/staff a 7th Sea game. It has a lot of the appeal of L5R system wise, without the awkwardness of that setting for RP, which definitely sunk Kishi Kaisei.

    Edit since I totally misread your original post (go me): If you actually want to use L5R's system straight for 7th Sea, I suppose you could and my code would work but... I'm not sure why you'd want to. 7th Sea's is definitely better suited to its own genre, and probably the more interesting system overall, especially for high action swashbuckling style stuff.

  • Thanks for replying, the main reason for using the adaptation was that I'm kinda code ignorant, so I need at least a starting point or an easier way to do it. But yeah, the original system suits the theme much better, it is by far the best system I've ever played for a swashbuckling game.

    However, if I can get someone more experienced with coding or a portable code of a 7th Sea game, that would probably be the perfect solution for it.

  • I was slightly sad to see Kishi Kaisei go, even with my limited RP and connections there. It's a tricksy setting to mesh into.

  • Yeah, it's not the easiest, and especially not for people who are learning the game as they go. I at least had fun running the stuff I got to.

    Looking at the 7th Sea code, it looks like we've got a development game ... with some grid and some other Wora-folk charbits there, so I'm not sure what the status of things is. I wonder if some gentle kick-nudging might actually spawn a working game.

  • I've created this google group in order to discuss about a possible game and gather a real staff. If anyone feel like contributing, just join it and hopefully we'll have a working game in a few months.

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    The colon right before the address isn't needed, just:



  • Oddly, when I try to look at the group, google settings switch languages on me. Am confuse.

  • Probably it's because I had to change languages since my google account it's in Portuguese, anyway, try this link:!forum/7th-sea-mux

  • @Jennkryst said:

    I was slightly sad to see Kishi Kaisei go, even with my limited RP and connections there. It's a tricksy setting to mesh into.

    Me too actually. I made a char there and.. well.. I had fun when I played. It was during a time, which I'm still in, that finding time for rp is hit or miss. Sad to see it go. Would love to see another L5R game crop up.

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    7th Sea MU* YES PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! -- aww your running a real life game of it. and here I got super excited.

    Ahh well. Happiness can still happen.

  • I caved, and bought the Book of Earth (mostly because it was the only one not-wrapped, and in surprisingly good condition at the FL(ish)GS. Grabbed it before it could go bad, despite the dreaded sales tax that occurs outside of Delaware.

  • Caving more and buying more of the books, before they VANISH FOREVER when they are replaced by the FFG version (even if I think FFG will make a solid RPG, I'm really looking more forward to the LCG and board games they'll be sure to put out).

    Unrelated: yes, forum, I know this is an old thread. No, I don't want to open a new one. I am teh necromancy.

  • Well, if you're looking for a dice roller, here's one for L5R. It's general enough to pull out just the R'n'K mechanics. rollers/L5R/L5R Roller

  • The 7th Sea version, includes what to do if you roll 0 dice and some other tricks: Sea Stat System.txt#L454

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