Mage 2E Online Table Top

  • Pitcrew

    Turning Golden Road into an online table top. Doing a MUSH is too hard. It's still the same setting. I'd like people to ideally either play a troupe of magic students (think The Magicians style play) or faculty (think more along the line the show of the Librarians/Sliders/Dr. Who for those more powerful mages).

    If you're interested, with quarantine lasting longer and longer, please let me know.

    Students can get 0-15 XP to start off with, faculty get 40 XP (that's why it's two diff kinds of level of play).

    I'll be running scenes during the weekday starting around lunch time (noon PST) and we'll see how long it goes. The previous plots are still ongoing, but yeah, I wanna get my ST on.


    Page Cookie Monster if interested.

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