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    So something I've been working on for the past couple of weeks is a project that I've named Chronicles of Darkness - Evennia Support. There's a couple of reasons for this. For one, Thenomain's nWoDCG, while excellent, doesn't support CoD and would require a pretty decent piece of work to update it. For another, even when it does get updated it is not exactly the easiest thing in the world for the addition of information as new expansion books come out. Finally, after diving into Evennia a bit I think it's got a lot of promise since nearly all the commands accessed by players are overwriteable which means even 'core' commands such as 'look' and 'say' can be overhauled to support things such as obfuscate, the hedge, changeling masks, etc.

    I've current got a sort of proof of concept copy up and running on AWS and what I could really use are people familiar with Chronicles of Darkness to log in and sort of kick the tires so I can see what falls off (as well as letting me verify that people doing things isn't going to suddenly raise CPU access or memory requirements to crazy amounts).

    At present I'm only concentrating on the 'character' aspects. My hope is to make the project available to anyone who wants to use it rather than creating a game myself so I'm not overly focused on things such as Inventory as there are other existing contributions for that. Likewise I don't have any actual commands for changing forms, obfuscating, entering the hedge, etc.

    What I do have up and running is character generation for mortals, changelings, and vampires along with what I feel are the critical player commands (+sheet, +prove, +pool, +roll, etc.). There is also a system for spending XP (completed characters are issued 75 XP so that the +xp system can be tested as well.

    Any help testing the systems would be greatly appreciated, both to let me know where any code may be breaking as well as making sure I haven't messed up aspects of the system that I'm not quite as knowledgeable about (things such as the Ordo Dracul scales).

    Access can be reached at port 9999 or through the webclient at

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