General Game Recruitment Thread

  • Why not have a single thread people can peruse to see what games/RP groups could use an extra member or three? That's what this thread is for. Have at it. Or don't.

  • This thread is a great idea, Admiral! Dude. I'm gonna use it right now! You're the best!

    So, I've been having fun over on City of Hope lately. With the quarantine nonsense going on I've had a lot of extra time for RP (who am I kidding? I hardly go out anyways) so I dove in head-first over there and made a Camarilla Brujah.

    I'd love to see more Camarilla in general. Brujah specifically. I want to start dipping my toes into running PrPs and hunt scenes for folks, and doing it for folks in the same clan is a great place for me to start.

    I know a lot of you have had negative encounters over there, but my idea is that if we clump together like a fungus we can maximize our fun while minimizing exposure to any of the badness that may be lingering in the shadows. For what it's worth, I've found staff responsive and players downright friendly for the most part this time around. (When I tried the game years ago it was a dumpster fire. Straight up.)

    Drop me a line on here or send a page/mail to 'Bard' on City of Hope. ( 8888)

  • I wouldn't mind having more playmates in European timezones on Gray Harbor. <3 Poke Ravn if you look in! Not a game admin, just lonely in CET.

  • Okay to join in on this, as a game-runner? I'd love to have more folks on Firefly - Still Flyin'.

    Not only am I an admin, I'm playing regularly. We've got a small but good group there already (and it's growing).

    The Eavesdown Clinic is an active org. We have a few criminal types, a few Alliance types, and assorted others. People who play in the US afternoons/Euro evenings, and in the US evenings.

    There's been some talk of getting a ship crew together. It hasn't quite coalesced yet, but there's interest.

    The game's about story, not about running code. Come check us out if this sounds appealing!

  • Pitcrew

    Not on staff, but happily a player at the revived Heroes Assembled.

    Re-opened the last weekend of February and we're at @800 logged scenes already. Also, the most number of active players for a supers game; 76 @ 10:30 PST tonight compared to UH with 27, according to MudStats.

    Great place for comic book RP and a very welcoming home for people searching for a new place after the UH incident.

  • If you're looking for people, it might be a good idea to put the game's address in your post. Just sayin'.

  • @Runescryer

    Where is this game? I'm not seeing an advert for it.

  • Empire State Heroes always welcomes more players.

  • Pitcrew

  • I'm looking to start up a game, with either my failed Duke Nukem: Paradise City (based on a college campus) theme or another theme that someone suggests, with my codebase.

    Join the Green Arrow villains today!

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