Covid-19 Look for the Helpers?

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    We could use some good news. In my little area, I'm seeing all manner of people stepping up!

    What is happening near you?

    This might amuse...


  • My favorite wing place here in TX (Pluckers) closed their dining rooms, but began offering curbside pickup (vs. inside pickup) and contactless delivery (the latter brand new for them). They're also offering double points to members (every $1 = 1 point, every 100 points = $10 off, so doubling that is a nice deal indeed).

    Means more food options for people and their employees get to keep working (since they're a smaller company, they likely can't afford to pay PTO for everyone for an extended time, y'know?). They also made note that the system includes a 15% tip on deliveries with a note of 'Please take care of the people taking care of you.'

    There's a reason they win awards for being a good place to work. If I had the money, I'd be ordering once or twice a week rn.

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    Tescos, one of our major supermarkets, are giving staff 12 weeks paid leave if they feel they need it.

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    A local bookstore is allowing online ordering with curbside pickup.

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    A Strip Club has turned in to a meal delivery service called Boober Eats

    And if this doesn't become a thing on MU's I will be dissapointed.

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    So now that we're all home and looking for "boredom busters" for ourselves and possibly our children, I'd like to recommend this awesome one I found!

    It's called "contacting your government representatives and demanding to know WTF they're doing and that you're going to hold them personally responsible for their (in)actions on this".

    If you don't know who they are and are in the US, you can look them up -- complete with a quick link to their contact information -- at

    Personal requests from several friends of mine in the medical field, including two ICU charge nurses, is not just activating the Defense Production Act (which has already happened) but invoking its powers (which have not) to force major manufacturers to shift production towards PPE for healthcare workers. 3M doesn't need to be making Scotch tape right now. They need to be making face shields and gloves.

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